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Turning Japanese in Holland

cube houses

I didn’t expect it to happen here. San Francisco? Definitely. Paris? Sure. Amsterdam? Certainly. But Rotterdam? That’s where I was wrong. Rotterdam is a world-class jazz city; I just didn’t know it, yet. Thankfully, Tokyo jazz band, Soil & “Pimp” Sessions, were already in the know. Last year, they laid down my dream jazz show in Rotterdam. It was a raucous affair, similar to what I imagine performances were like in American nightclubs in the…

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Travel Photo Of The Week – Window Box in Durnstein, Austria

photo of the week 5

Image: Picture Perfect Window in Durnstein, Austria Walking around Durnstein I spotted this picture perfect window and just had to take a photo of it. The flowers really popped against the dark shutters and the wine bottles and paraphernalia in the window provided just a glimpse of the owner’s life – whoever it is, they like to garden and drink. It was also late November and I was really impressed that this plant was not only still…

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Why I Now Want to Go to King’s Day in Amsterdam

DJ Hardwell playing at King's Day in Amsterdam.

Something happened to me last year in Amsterdam. Well, two things, actually. First, I fell for Amsterdam. It took a return visit to really get a feel for the city, and I really enjoyed our time there. In some ways, it reminds of San Francisco with canals instead of hills. Second, I finally heard electronic music. Let me explain. A joke in the film White Man Can’t Jump is that Woody Harrelson may listen to…

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6 Money Saving Travel Tips for Europe

The bridge near our Colosseum Rome apartment in Italy.

It’s no secret that Europe is one of the more expensive regions in the world to travel. Hefty hotel rates in major capitals coupled with a high cost of living can make your European dream vacation seem, well, just like a dream. But the truth is Europe can be done on a budget. I know because we’ve have done it, multiple times. In fact, some of our richest experiences have been the moments that required…

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4 Of Our Favorite Things About The Mänttä Art and Music Festivals

4 Of Our Favorite Things About The Mänttä Art and Music Festivals:

To me, you can boil down an artistic lifestyle in three ways:  you can either create it, carve out time to see a little bit of it, or you can live in it for a week and visit the Mänttä Art Festival. Here’s four reasons why you should visit. 1. Art is Everywhere – On the Church and in the Trees Mänttä is like a quiet little university town full of art. I attended art school…

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6 Things to Do in Mänttä, Finland – The Art Capital That Toilet Paper Built

6 Things to Do in Mänttä, Finland - The Art Capital That Toilet Paper Built:

We spent a few days this summer in Mänttä for the town’s art and music festival. Before arriving, we didn’t really know what to expect, but we soon discovered the intricate charms of a small Finnish town in the midst of a revival. Located in the heart of Finland, approximately 180 miles from Helsinki, Mänttä’s former claim to fame is toilet paper, and now it’s art, especially in spring and summer when the festival season is…

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Feast, Fireworks and a Million Lights: 72 Hours at Italy’s Notte delle Luci


One of the coolest thing about modern travel is being able to fly thousands of miles in just hours. Take for instance our trip to Europe this summer. One moment we’re walking among giants in Amsterdam (the Dutch are among the tallest in the world), and the next we are sipping cappuccinos with a grey-haired singing barista in Aeroporto Leonardo da Vinci (or, as it’s more commonly refereed to, Rome-Fiumicino Airport) killing time until our…

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