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Love in a Paris Cafe | Somewhere In Time Weekly Travel Photo

Love In A Paris Cafe SFM SM

Somewhere In Time is a weekly travel photo from around the world. Enjoy!

We took a walk around Montmartre looking for that perfect cappuccino. We didn’t find it.

Instead we found this.

Which was infinitely better than any cup of coffee anywhere. I am a bit of a voyeur when I take photos. I just can’t help watching other people in their own worlds of chaos, happiness, boredom, you name it. But there’s one instance that usually ranks above the others for me and it’s almost ironic because I am not a romantic in any sense of the word. I hate romantic comedies and Valentine’s Day.

But…I love watching people falling in love.

Or out of love.

I seem to always notice this part of the human condition wherever I am and I don’t know why. I don’t know if I find it, or if it finds me but it’s a recurring pattern in my life – little bits of love swirling all around me – under umbrellas, in the metro, at the top of bell towers, in alley ways & in town squares. If there is one thing that is consistent in my travels, this is it. Love never goes away.

This one found me in a Paris cafe. We walked in looking for a cappuccino and sadly (actually in Paris I believe this could even be considered sacrilegious), the woman only served coffee from an automatic machine. You know the kind – similar to the one you have at work. A machine? In Paris!?? Like the one in your break room – Ack!

Since there was a real lack of cafes in this neighborhood (I can’t believe I even wrote that sentence when talking about Paris) we decided to just sit down, have a cup and a croissant. It was a good thing we did because shortly after this couple walked in and they sat directly in front me and next to the cafe’s windows.

Thank you fate. You are too kind.

They were SO insanely into each other. I would have loved to know how long they were together if it was anything more than 2 months it would have certainly shamed me, and anyone else in a relationship longer than 6 months. I took a few photos with the Iphone and they never noticed. Not even close. Which amazed me because I was in her direct line of sight and I was staring at them. But that’s what a good romance can do. It can completely blind you.

And you’ll remain completely useless in love for at least a month or until the newness wears off. You won’t see friends, family, those giant red relationship flags or even me, sitting right in front of you snapping photos of your cinematic romance.

I wish I knew you. I’d like to give you this photo. This is you, in love. You should have it. You remind me of a movie I watched long ago but can’t remember the name of. You’re like the memory I can’t quite place but always stays with me. You pop into my mind at the oddest of times and in this little Parisian cafe, you became a part of my own story.

Maybe the romance will last, maybe it won’t. In any case, this is the type of photo you’ll want to look back on in 50 years. The one that takes your breath away for a few seconds when you stumble upon it stuffed up in the back of your dresser drawer or caught in between the pages of an old book. When you’re older and jaded and after the roller coaster of life has brought you to new highs & lows this is the snapshot that will bring you back a few decades and remind you of the days in your stunning, beautiful youth when you believed that love was real.

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