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Yah! Fist Pump For Guatemalan Kids!!!


As most of you know, we are highlighting our travels in Guatemala with Cooperative for Education all this week!

We are also holding a fundraiser for the kids at the Panajxit school in Guatemala that we visited with CoEd this summer. Our goal is to raise $2,000 to install two new computer workstations at the school so the kids can learn how to use the computer. No matter where you live, if you can use a computer you can make opportunities for yourself and that’s why we want to sponsors the computers. They are the ultimate equalizers in life, giving everyone a chance to create opportunity. The gift of computer knowledge is literally the gift that will keep on giving through the entire lives of these kids. When you think about it – it’s amazing!

It’s impossible to put a price on education and it’s really exciting for us to have such a great opportunity to help these kids and provide them with knowledge they will have for the rest of their lives.

We are happy to report that our fundraiser is doing well! We have already raised $255 in just over 48 hours! Wow! We are already over 10% of the way to our goal!


Online fundraising for Raising $2,000 for Computer Stations at a rural Guatemalan school!

But we are trying to do even better and raise as much money for these kids as we can!

Because it is the holiday season we know everyone is busy but we also know this is the season of giving. This is the time of year, we all get to relax (even if it is just on the 25th), enjoy time with our families and give to those less fortunate.

This is also the time of year we buy a lot of gifts for the people in our lives and that’s when we realized:

“What better time than now to give the gift that keeps on giving!” 

That’s right – if you’re running around trying to check items off your holiday list why not make things a bit easier on yourself?You can knock off your holiday list right now and make a donation to our Cooperative For Education fundraiser in the names of your family & friends!! Brilliant right?!

Day 68 - Beginner strobist and a laptop

THIS could be you getting all your holiday shopping done! Photo by Phil and Pam via Flickr.

Imagine yourself at home (like that happy guy ——————>) relaxing with a beer getting all your shopping done while at the same time knowing that you are supporting a fantastic cause AND giving kids at the Panajxit school the gift of education! The gift that they will take with them for the rest of their lives.

But wait there’s more – for your thoughtful gift, you not only get your shopping done right now and the warm fuzzies knowing you’ve made a difference in the lives of these kids – you also get a chance to win an awesome prize pack because yes, our fundraiser involves a raffle! With your donation of $15 you get an entry into the raffle! Want more than one entry? Simply donate a higher amount! Oh yeah, as an added bonus you also get a tax write off (US residents only)!

Wow! How many gifts will you give this year that take only a few minutes to buy, make a lifelong difference in a child’s life, give you an entry to an awesome raffle and also give you a tax donation?!? Seriously people – this is a GOOD IDEA! No wait, this is an AMAZING IDEA!!!

Who would this gift be good for?

Good question! I’ve already thought of some great people that would love to receive this gift! Not only would this gift be good for any of your family or friends but also for all of the other people you buy for this year. Some examples:

    • Your Boss – Other people will give him/her liquor, why not think outside the box and really impress them with your world generosity?
    • Your Co-Workers – It’s thoughtful and unique and says “Thanks for helping me out with that huge project this year!”
    • Your Kid’s Teachers – Let’s face it, this is perfect for teachers! They don’t need an apple, instead they get to help more kids!
    • Your Teachers – Yes, college kids why not thank your favorite teacher? They need love too! Remember that time they let you pass your term paper in late?
    • Your Secret Santa/White Elephant/Yankee Swap – Whatever you call it, this is the perfect gift and unlike that Yankee Candle, I bet the only one if’s kind at the party!
    • Your Hostess With The Mostess – You’re going to Holiday parties & you’ll bring wine. Why not bring a slip of paper that says you donated to these cute kids in their name instead? If you want, we’ll even make you an official certificate so you can wrap it
    • Your Delivery Man/Woman & Postal Worker – Do you have a relationship with your local postal worker? Thinking of them with this special gift will be very endearing and ensure your next package gets shipped out in time!
    • Your Personal Trainer – They keep you motivated and healthy but you really don’t want to give them cookies for Christmas do you? Didn’t think so, that makes a donation in their name a REALLY good idea!
    • Your Ambiguous Relationship – You know what I’m talking about. You just started dating but wish it was 2013 already. You have to get them a gift but what should you get? You don’t want to be too forward or not forward enough, this is potentially the most stressful gift to give this season so let us help you! Give them a donation in their name to the cute kids at the Panajxit school! This gift says: “I like you. I think you’re rad and when I think of kids, I think of you!”  Oh that will win them over for sure! Let your love dictate the amount – clearly a $100 donation says “I REALLY, REALLY like you!”

These are just all examples of people who would be perfect recipients for a donation to the children at the Panajxit school in Guatemala. I’m sure you might have even more people in your life that would be the perfect fit for this gift! Just push the big blue button to make your donation!

Donate Now

Now the nitty gritty: How/When/Where/Raffle Info

First off we want you to know that 100% of your the donation goes directly to the Panajxit school. Yah!

How Do you Donate?

Oh this is easy, so easy. Just like eating pecan pie! You simply click on the blue ‘DONATE’ button you see throughout this post. You can’t miss it. It’s huge! That will bring you to Razoo which is where we are hosting our grassroots fundraising mission. We chose Razoo because if we get enough donations our fundraiser will become ‘popular’ on their website and it will be featured on the front page which means even more donations for the kids!


Is there a deadline? Yes! We are trying to raise the funds for the start of the year. We think it’s a great way for the kids at Panajxit to start 2013!


Your donation goes directly to the Panajxit school in Guatemala. Razoo will send the funds to Cooperative for Education. They will purchase the computers, workstations and handle the installation of the computers. They are a non-profit based out of Cincinnati and they also have an office in Guatemala City. We have the good fortune of volunteering with them this summer and they are an incredible organization! All of the proceeds we raise for this project go directly to two student computer workstations for the Panajxit school!



Win This Killer Prize Pack worth $165!

Yep, we have a raffle! We wanted to make sure that donating was not only a positive experience but a fun one as well. That’s why we put together this awesome prize pack! The prize pack (worth $165) includes everything below and the winner takes all!

  • 1 $25 Amex Gift Card
  • 1 $25 Amazon Gift Card
  • 1 $25 Itunes Gift Card
  • 1 Adventurer’s Travel Journal Pack By Earmark
  • 1 Free Download of Getting Out Of Auto
  • 1 Safety Whistle from Tom Bihn
  • 1 Tom Bihn Packing Cube Backpack

Want to up your chances of winning? Just buy more raffle tickets! We have a simple system in place so the more you give, the more you get!

  • $15 Donation = 1 entry
  • $25 Donation = 2 entries
  • $50 Donation = 4 Entries
  • $100 Donation = 10 entries
  • $250 Donation = 18 entries
  • $500 Donation = 36 entries
  • $1,000 Donation = 75 entries
  • $2,000 Donation = If you donate $2,000 we’ll give you a prize pack of your very own!


Just Say NO to Typical and Boring Gifts This Holiday Season:

my christmas presents to myselfHoliday displays

Let’s Get More Original This Year! Instead of gifting alcohol and random, useless snowmen statues let’s give the gift that keeps on giving! Above photos by  chris.corwin & CCAC North Library on Flickr.

And Say Yes To Making These Kids REALLY, REALLY Happy this holiday season!!


Donate Now

Thank you so much for reading and checking out our fundraiser!!   Happy Holidays!!

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