Tom Bihn Luggage – The Story You Didn’t Hear.

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It’s no secret we love Tom Bihn products.

Their luggage and travel accessories go with us on every adventure we take. The products are not only very high quality but also make our traveling lives a LOT easier. Tom Bihn understands our lifestyle and they know just what a traveler needs. They also do an extremely amazing job of incorporating ‘working on the road’ basics into their travel luggage (think: laptop specific compartments, camera inserts & business organizers).

Need special sleeves for your important papers? It’s called the Freudian Slip. How about an intuitive laptop/camera/day pack? They’ve got that too and it goes under the names Id, Ego or Super Ego depending on size. Need kick butt luggage that will stand up to the daily grind of life on the road? Look no further than the Aeronaut or Tri-Star. How about a fold up, lightweight tray for your nightstand that will hold your phone, keys, receipts from the day and anything in important without adding any weight to your pack? Check! It’s called the Travel Tray. Have you thought of an incredibly lightweight backpack that doubles as a packing cube? You need the Packing Cube Backpack. How about a safety whistle that attaches to your pack? For only $5 you can grab the Whistle Sternum Strap! Love your dog? Good news – they have travel dog supplies including recycled leashes made from their scrap material!

They literally have pretty much anything you need to travel with, and I think we own half of the items they have in stock. In fact, out of all the ones I listed above we have every one except the Ego, Whistle and Dog Leash and I can personally attest to the fact that each piece is incredible. We use most of these items daily when we’re on the road and at home. But I’m not writing this article to tell you about how great their products are, instead I’m writing so I can tell a story about their company that I really feel is worth telling.

Tom Bihn didn’t ask us to write this post. They don’t even know that we are writing it. We’re simply publishing this story because they are an outstanding company and it would be a disservice to them and to our readers if we did not tell it.


Over the past couple of years we have developed a special relationship with the folks over at Tom Bihn, especially the lovely Darcy who helps us with what seems like everything luggage related.

It started off simple enough – they asked if we would like to review a couple bags. We agreed and reviewed the Tri-Star and the Aeronaut – both incredible travel bags. Along with the bags Darcy sent a couple extra items for us to check out. One of those items was the Packing Cube Backpack which immediately became a daily standard for us.

Not only are they fantastic as packing cubes, but if you’re on the road and you need a spare bag you simply empty your clothes out and Viola! You’ve got nice ultra lightweight backpack. To top it off these things fit a massive amount of stuff. We are both able to put our entire travel wardrobes in these packs but beyond clothing, they fit a lot of everything and anything. They are deceivingly large.

We use these backpacks even when we don’t travel. For instance, we use them all the time when we head to the grocery store and when we go to the beach or home for the weekend. Sometimes even Chachy rolls around town in one since he loves to be carried in our bags.

The point I’m getting at is that we USE IT ALL THE TIME, just about every day.

Well earlier this year my sister Bridgette spotted my pretty purple packing cube backpack and decided (like sisters do) that she wanted it. So she started using it all the time, whenever she wanted. Like sisters do, if you catch my drift. (Side note: I’m not a terrible sibling -whenever she travels I let her use any/all of our Tom Bihn products because she has also grown to love them. See I’m not that bad!)

To resolve the backpack snatching issue I decided I would buy one for her birthday. I emailed Darcy and told her that I was going to buy one for her and I told her I was ordering late. I think I ordered it the day before her birthday. Ooops…maybe I am a bad sibling…

At this same point in time my father had been very ill. I’m not sure if many of you know but over the spring & summer he was hospitalized for over 10 weeks and sadly ended up losing a leg. His first surgery was in late March, coincidentally on my sister Kate’s birthday, which was about 2 weeks before Bridgette’s birthday.

When Bridgette’s birthday rolled around in April things really weren’t going very well in our family. Everyone was still in shock dealing with what had happened with my father. The entire spring & summer of 2012 was a very dark period for all of us.

Darcy knew what was going on with my family and that we were having a very hard time. She told me she wanted to just send Bridgette the bag for free. Honestly, Tom Bihn had already been too good to us and I didn’t want them to do that. I insisted on paying for it because it just felt like the right thing to do. I ordered the bag that day with standard shipping, knowing it would most likely miss the next day birthday deadline but I was low on money and didn’t have extra to pay for overnight shipping.

Imagine our surprise when it arrived early the next morning! Darcy had taken the order personally and decided to work her own magic.

Not only did she ship the backpack overnight shipping she actually sent my sister an entire gift box of Tom Bihn gear!

Bridgette was SO excited! I remember she actually got the box and danced around the kitchen with it! I was also totally surprised – I never expected anything like that. I didn’t even think it would arrive for her actual birthday. It was such a great surprise and since my sister’s only birthday plan was to spend the day in the hospital with our Dad this gift really made her day!

Things only got better when Bridgette opened the box and found that not only did Darcy send along some of their best travel accessories she also hand wrapped all of the products in a vintage travel inspired Tom Bihn wrapping paper and she included a really thoughtful hand written happy birthday note in the box as well. How sweet!

Above is a travel stuff sack, organizer wallet and water bottles. Below, is the travel tray in 3 stages showing how flat it packs down. We have one of these and we LOVE it.

Here’s the packing cube backpack as modeled by Chachy.

It really touched us that Darcy not only hooked my sister up for her birthday but that she went through the trouble of personalizing the package as well. In life, it really is the little details that matter and with such attention to detail it’s obvious that Darcy and the rest of the crew at Tom Bihn are doing things the right way. Darcy’s surprise gifts and thoughtful package was a bright spot in what otherwise had been a very dark time.

In this era of big business, it seems that most companies don’t really care about their customers. At least that’s how I usually feel. With this one simple & thoughtful gesture Tom Bihn stole the show, proving that not all travel companies are created equal. You can run a successful business and still really care about your customers. 🙂 That’s a very rare quality to find when it comes to travel companies, or any company at all, and that’s why I wanted to share this story with you.

If you want to see a company that is really doing things right, be sure to check out the Tom Bihn website.

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  • Jennifer -

    December 12, 2012 at 1:36 pm

    Wow! Customer service is so non-existent these days that it’s awesome to hear stories like this.

    And I hope your dad is doing better.

  • Nancie -

    December 12, 2012 at 2:32 pm

    What a nice story! A lot of companies have less than stellar customer service these days, so this is good to hear. I’ll be checking out their product for sure.

  • […] by Beers & Beans from the post: TOM BIHN Luggage — The Story You Didn’t Hear darcy | 14 December 2012 10:13 pm Share/Bookmark Talk about this post in the Forums. « East […]

  • Jeff Mac -

    August 20, 2013 at 9:18 am

    Have to agree with everything you say. Bihn makes great products but it is the people there that really make the difference.

    I am ready to make the pilgrimage and make the visit to the Seattle store in PERSON!!!