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SH!T My Spam Box Says

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Iceland newspaper rack in Reykjavik, Iceland

This magazine rack in Reykjavik, Iceland, reminds me of my spam box: an overload of text that amuses me.

I love my spam box. I can’t say enough about the job it does. At times, it’s a little over protective and it catches comments from a real reader, or it tosses in one about cheap holiday offers that I actually want to look at, but I can’t fault it for that; it’s just doing its job.

Because of my spam box’s cautious eye, I skim through it every few days just to make sure no comments are buried in there, and, I have to admit, I enjoy doing it. It’s kind of like dumpster diving, you never know what you’ll find. For the most part, the messages are a jumbled mess often promoting prescription pills. Occasionally, I find comments that are obviously fake; however, my real joy (aside from finding a reader’s comment) are the crafty messages spammers try to pass off as genuine. The spam box was a little light this week, but I found a few messages that made me smile.

Post: 5 Reasons to Choose Mauritius for your Luxury Holiday
Comment: Foutouspeffit says, “Author thanks, keep us happy!”
Me: No, thank you commenter! I wish I could say the same thing about your website, but alas you didn’t leave an address, and your email reeks of spam.

Post: 5 Reasons to Choose Mauritius for your Luxury Holiday
Comment: Vega Club says, “what you remind me now…..with this post….i have been there in 2006 with 2 people i loved as much in my life…..but now not still with me….
thank you
Me: I call this the sincerity spam. I think the commenter believes if they share a part of their life or experience with you, then you may just overlook the fact that they are a spammer and approve their comment. Sorry for your loss Vega Club, but no dice.

Post: The Day I Became An Ugly American
Comment: Slicer says, “Your Friend & Partner…
I really think your blog is great! I’ve added a link back here; I hope that’s alright as I’d like my readers to check your site & articles out. It’s on my blog @ repek.org/blog. Always like to honor high quality content. Great job!…”
Me: Thanks for the compliment; however, I find it a little suspect that your site sells meat slicers. Sorry Mr. Slicer, but I’m going to have to pass on displaying your glowing comment.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have any of my favorite spam comments this week, which compliment and then criticize your website. For instance, the investigative comment will say, “Your site is so boss! However, I think your website lacks the pizazz of some of your competitors.” It’s kind of like in Back To The Future when Biff would call Marty McFly a chicken. Biff did it because knew he would get a response, and I suspect that’s what the spammer is hoping for too.

Do you have any funny spam comments? If so, feel free to leave them in the comments. We love reading them.

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