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Gen Y Travel Blog Carnival: 7th Edition

It’s time again for the monthly travel blog carnival and guess what? It’s our first time hosting it on BeersandBeans!

If you’re not familiar with the carnival, Emily from Maiden Voyage created it about 7 months ago. It gives all us hard working travel bloggers the chance to showcase one of our favorite posts from the previous month.


Every month, travel bloggers submit a post they have published from the past month by filling out this form. Once a month, a post like this is put together by the hosting blogger that shows the best submissions. It’s a great way to get the word out, gain more readers and tell more travel tales!

This month we had over 50 submissions! We went through them all and listed the best ones (in no particular order) from January below.

Hopefully you’ll find an article you missed or a new travel blog for your must read list. In any case, be sure to give a shout out to any of the bloggers that strike your fancy. Happy reading!

Technology & Travel:

I’ve been a fan of Brooke Vs. The World for years now. Brooke is never afraid to talk about whatever is on her mind, regardless of topic. In this post she takes on the technology demons of travel leaving us to ponder – Does technology kill the travel experience? Read it and let her know what you think.

Tips & Advice:

Erica isn’t afraid to go out on a limb and this post is no exception. She tackles the ultimate modern day female traveler conundrum – birth control on the road. Not only does she list the positives and negatives about several different options but the comments really took on a life of their own on her blog, OverYonderlust.

Fill in the blank: I travel so I can… visit a Stan and ride a giant animal – huh?? Hey get your mind out of the gutter!!! We’re talking travel here! But seriously, if you’re feeling a lack of travel inspiration in your own life you NEED to read Nico’s 10 fantastic reasons to get out on a RTW journey of your own.

Think a Pampas tour in Bolivia sounds like a good time? Make sure to read Laura’s tips for How to Take A Crappy Bolivian Pampas Tour, so you can avoid making the same mistakes they did.

Solo travel might be freeing but sometimes you just wanna share a road memory or a beer with someone you know. Finding a travel partner isn’t easy so I could totally relate to Alex’s tips on how to pick a travel partner you won’t want to kill.

Andrew from Adventure Bimbling takes us to Egypt where he shares some tips on crossing over to the dark side and becoming comfortable wandering the streets of Luxor.

Curious about eating vegetarian in Thailand? Don’t be. Thailand Breeze clears the air with this great post about the Vegetarian Festival in Thailand.

I love me some Mexico anything but it’s a heck of a lot easier to get the most from your travels if you know a little Spanish. Laura from Go Mexico Guide shares a great tool to help you learn Spanish online through Pop Culture.

Travel Stories:

One of Magda’s great photos from her Muay Thai Boxing Match photo essay.

Magda blows us away with her moving Black & White photos from a Muay Thai Boxing Match. Be sure to check out the rest of the photos on her blog Destination World.

If the eye catching design on Sarah’s blog doesn’t grab you, then the clean, colorful photos in this photo post about their first day in Florence definitely will. SW Graphic always catches my eye and the photos, like the one below, are always perfect travel eye candy.

A beautiful view of Florence, Italy.


Want to visit Easter Island but can’t afford it? Lisa at Chicky Bus gives us five great reasons to visit Mt. Nemrut, Turkey – a similar and more budget friendly option.

If your bound and determined to visit the one and only Easter Island, be sure to check out Andi’s post about her diving & surfing adventure in the deep blue abyss off Chile’s mainland.

Amanda has adventure in her blood – when you run a blog called Dangerous Business how can you not?Β  In this post she shares 5 places she wants to visit that her Mom & Dad don’t know about. These are all on my list too!

Switzerland is one of my must see destinations but it’s expensive. Jack & Jill make it easy on the wallet with their great post about sleeping on a bed of straw in a Gimmelwald barn for only 10 Euro! I am so doing this, cow smell or not!

Jack & Jill’s barn bedroom. In a word – Awesome!

Enjoy spending your cold winter days outside celebrating? The Vacation Gals have outlined four of the best winter carnivals in North America.

If you like eating food, thinking about food or even looking at food you’ll love Mei Yee’s post on her blog, I Am The Witch. This in depth look at the Mountain of Food Restaurant at Resorts World Genting, the one and only legal casino in Malaysia, takes foodie photos to a whole new level.

Sick of the cold New England weather, Nicole compiled a post full of colorful and unique photos from around the world to warm up her little corner of the world.


We all know Cailin and her fantastic travel videos she shows on her blog, Travel Yourself. This month she’s submitted a great interview with Robert Reid – the creator the 76 sec. Travel Show and a travel editor for Lonely Planet.

Evelyn from Journey Woman sailed with Nobel Peace Prize winner Archbishop Desmond Tutu! She scored an interview with him but her body had other plans.

Only Andy can pull it off like this. He talks with the most popular guy in town for this hilarious interview about the best tips and recommendations for visiting Banff. Wondering how to warm your way into this popular stud muffin’s heart? A hint: He’s a sucker for peanuts & Cracker Jacks.

The Banff Squirrel, an Advent Calendar & a gingerbread Andy cookie. Enough said.

Personal Journeys:

Ayngelina from Bacon Is Magic left love behind for adventure on the road but found she found love all over again in Peru. She tells us all about it and shares her Peruvian recipe for this glorious fish stew named Sudado.

Life in A Sack shows us that sometimes when you travel, the best travel plan is really no plan at all. I second that! And look at where it got him:

Caye Caulker, Belize. An Island Paradise where Paul ends up when he has no set plans on his travel journey.

Are you more adventurous abroad? I know I am. Julia ponders this question on her blog Homeless & Confused.

“Cynicism is easy; dreams are hard.” Jeannie from Nomadic Chick speaks from the heart in this thoughtful blog post about the power of believing in your dreams.

Sally from UnBrave Girl cracks me up with 10 things she learned in 10 months of traveling. Her humorous style of writing warrants a visit to this blog regardless of topic.

It’s a good thing her blog is called A Wandering Sole! Laura took 14 (count ’em) modes of transportation from Koh Tao to Ubud, Indonesia in this 2 day epic adventure. What’s more hysterical is this awesome sign they spotted at the Malaysian border crossing:

It’s not just TLC. Malaysia don’t want no scrubs either.

One part Down the Rabbit Hole, One part Gospel of Mary Magdelene, Andarin from Byteful Travel, thinks about the deeper side of travel, pointing out that the perceptions we perceive as truth are not.

Two years later, Miriam takes a look back at 2009 and her time in Jersey, UK. She shares all the ways that Jersey changed her for the best in this heartfelt post on Traveling Starfish.

Can you say Neat Freaks?? Mary Anne’s parents went to visit her and on their day trip to Qiboa all they saw were mops! Ok, that wasn’t it entirely but the funny mop photos on her blog, A Totally Impractical Guide to Living in Shanghai, paint a hilarious take on the day.

Although Guatemala is a location dear to my heart, what Kim says is true – sometimes it’s the people you meet that make the place. On her blog To Uncertainty and Beyond, she talks about her fantastic stay in Guatemala city and the people that made it so special.

It’s OK to go home. Theresa from Lives of Wander comes to this conclusion after a year back on American soil. But even though you can take the traveler out of the travels, you can’t take the travels out of the traveler. She has her memories and a new slew of blogs to keep her happy but the best part is that she loves her life now.

Thanks for giving us the chance to host the carnival Emily. We had a blast!

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