Getting There.

In my daydreams, I’m on trains looking out the window staring into some vast, unknown, lonely wonderland. My head is filled with swirling thoughts that seamlessly flow out of my mind in crisp, clean non-cliches. In these times, I’m a famous poet, a well recognized photojournalist, and a throw back to Sofia Loren. Of course, on these trains, I’m just on holiday from my regular life where I live in Uganda communicating with gorillas.

It seems that whenever I’m going from one place to the next I live in an amazing daydream.

I love transportation. I love the idea of going from one place to the next and everything that happens in between. And the reality is that if you’re going to travel, you will be using a lot of transportation. This page is a summary of some of the best sites that will get you to your destination. Be it a boat, car, plane or tuk-tuk, you’ll find it all here.


Wegolo – European Budget Search Engine

Air Ninja – Type in your departure and destination cities and find out which budget airlines service that route.

Attitude Travel – Comprehensive list of Budget Asian Carriers

Budget Airlines – Comprehenisve list of worldwide budget airlines

Zuji – Asia & Australia airlines

Attitude Travel – Comprehensive list of budget airlines in India

Attitude – Africa airlines

About – Africe & Middle East airlines

Traveler Digest – Another good list of airlines

Wikipedia – Great list of airlines


The Man in Seat 61 – Exceptional list of train travel around the world.

Travelers Digest – They come through again with an excellent list of hop on, hop off bus systems around the world.

Japan Rail – If you’re gonna ride the rails in Japan you’ll want to check out this site.

Kemwel – Car rentals in Europe

Via Michelin – Driving Maps in Europe

MapQuest – Driving Maps in the U.S.

Cycling Around the World – A new site devoted to traveling the world by bicycle.

Eurail.Com: Train Travel Europe – Eurail.Com is your one stop shop for all your Eurail pass needs. In addition to top-notch customer service, the site provides a wealth of information- train maps, tips, advice, current news, and discounts-to help travelers see Europe the way it was meant to be seen: by train.


Work on a boat – Travel the world working on boats.

Crew File – More jobs aboard sailboats.

Freighters – How to travel aboard freighters.


Nothing here yet but I’m sure I’ll find something soon to add!