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Flights of Fancy in Cappadocia, Turkey – Somewhere In Time Weekly Travel Photo

Royal Balloon Hot Air Balloon Ride in Cappadoccia Turkey

[google1] Somewhere In Time is a weekly travel photo from around the world. Enjoy! Hot Air Balloon. Hot Air Balloooooooooon… Just saying the words conjures up notions of faraway exotic illusions.  What is it about this magical mystery flying machine that turns me into mush? Hot + Air + Balloon = Imaginative Thoughts of Wanderlust. There is nothing else in the world that can bring the same amount of whimsy & travel fascination as a…

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Amsterdam After Dark – Photo Essay

Amsterdam at night

Amsterdam was the very first stop on our European journey. I hate to say it but I just didn’t love Amsterdam the way I thought I would. I think it was a case of having high expectations – which is never a good thing. Amsterdam is iconic – everyone knows someone that has been there and it’s been featured in a million movies. All the people I know that have visited the city have told…

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Modern Magdalene #1 – Red Light District, Amsterdam – Somewhere In Time Weekly Photo


[google1] Somewhere In Time is a weekly photo from around the world. Enjoy! Somewhere In Time Is Back! This used to be a weekly ongoing series but with all the craziness that occurred over the summer I ran out of my stash of ready photos, then with all the traveling that occurred in the fall I was unable to catch up, never mind get ahead. I put quite a bit of time into selecting my…

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California, Colorado, San Diego, U.S.A., Utah

Temecula to Denver: An InstaTog Session

A vintage California highway motel in Baker, California.

[google1] A couple of weeks ago I completed my first solo journey from Temecula to Denver by car. Of course, in the 21st century that isn’t a really hard or amazing feat (its no Lindbergh Flight), but that doesn’t take away from the beauty of the journey. The road trip itself is really simple: Interstate 15 to Interstate 70. At 65 mph the trip took about 17 hours, and I spread out the drive over…

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On The Road in Iceland – An Icelandic Photo Essay

Randy Kalp standing near an Icelandic waterfall near the Ring Road.

One day we decided to rent a car in Iceland. It was the best decision we made. Rental cars in Iceland aren’t cheap, but there is really no other alternative if you want to get around the island. There are no public buses outside the capital city of Reykjavik so your only other choice is to take a tour bus. While there is no problem with taking a tour bus, the issue is that you…

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Halcyon Dreams – Badlands National Park, South Dakota USA – Somewhere In Time Weekly Travel Photo


Somewhere In Time is a weekly travel photo from around the world. Enjoy! The minute we entered Badlands National Park I was in love. From the roaming buffalos, the perfect blue sky & the puffy white clouds to the sandy colored plateaus, swaying prairie grasses and the strong, warm breeze it was like walking into another world. And it was a world that I really felt at home in. Sometimes when you travel you bump…

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The Beers & Beans Starter Kit – Our 7 Links


We are a bit late to the game on our Tripbase My 7 Links post but here it is! We want to thank Christine from Christine in Spain for nominating us. I hope everyone finds something new or random that they missed before. Have fun browsing some of our most popular posts along with some of our lesser known travel bits. 🙂   Our Most Beautiful Post: The Flames of Florence & Six Month Somewhere…

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