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I’ve written of my love for Paris multiple times on Beers & Beans and I’m thankful that we were able to spend a week there due to the fact that our budget was so tight. The truth is we couldn’t have spent a week in Paris if we didn’t camp. Camping in Paris was a great experience and more importantly it fit our budget at about $20/night for the both of us. I highly recommend…

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Three of My Favorite Paris Neighborhoods


  Did you know that Paris has 20 different neighborhoods? They are called arrondissements and each neighborhood has it’s own special flare. While we didn’t get to visit all of them there are some that really stand out in my mind. Places I would look to visit the next time I go, places I would bring visitors if I lived there. These are some of the spots then when I close my eyes I can…

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Picnic in Paris & Randy Gets a Haircut!


We had a lot of picnics in Paris. The entire city was full of ideal picnic spots and with the bread, cheese & wine being so tasty and inexpensive we just couldn’t help ourselves. It was such a great way to eat lunch on the cheap and take in the scenes of Paris. One day we found the perfect spot! A little canal full of live aboard boats, plenty of people relaxing on the grass…

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Scenes From A Paris Market – A Travel Photo Essay


[google1] “I love Paris because my love is near.” – Ella Fitzgerald I went to Paris & I fell in love. Really I wasn’t expecting it. I had no real urge to go to Paris and we just decided to include it as a 3 day stop over from London to Venice. We ended up staying a week and still didn’t want to leave. The light was unbelievable – it bounced off all the buildings, statues…

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In Between Days- Paris, France -Somewhere In Time Weekly Travel Photo

Somewhere in Time is a weekly travel photo from around the world. Enjoy! In Between Days – Montmartre Paris, France I’ve said before that Paris was an unexpected find for me. Sure, I wanted to see the Eiffel Tower and eat the delicious $3 crepes, but it was the way the light bounced off the cobblestones and 100+ year old chimney stacks that really captured me. I never expected the light in Paris to be…

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