The Hill of Montmartre

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Three of My Favorite Paris Neighborhoods


  Did you know that Paris has 20 different neighborhoods? They are called arrondissements and each neighborhood has it’s own special flare. While we didn’t get to visit all of them there are some that really stand out in my mind. Places I would look to visit the next time I go, places I would bring visitors if I lived there. These are some of the spots then when I close my eyes I can…

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In Between Days- Paris, France -Somewhere In Time Weekly Travel Photo

Somewhere in Time is a weekly travel photo from around the world. Enjoy! In Between Days – Montmartre Paris, France I’ve said before that Paris was an unexpected find for me. Sure, I wanted to see the Eiffel Tower and eat the delicious $3 crepes, but it was the way the light bounced off the cobblestones and 100+ year old chimney stacks that really captured me. I never expected the light in Paris to be…

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