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Living Like A Local With Roomorama: Venice Edition pt. 2


[google1] Photo taken on the Rialto Bridge. My sister Bridgette makes the fantastic Adventure Awaits garland that you see above. If you like it you can check out more of them at Earmark Invitations. This is the second review out of two Venetian rentals. Don’t forget to check out our other Venice apartment review for a review of a completely different property and to read about our fantastic host! Apartment #2: Rialto Bridge Skyline Because…

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Accommodations, Europe

Living Like A Local With @Roomorama: Venice Edition pt. 1


[google1] This is the first review out of two. Stay tuned for a different Venice property review tomorrow. It’s no secret that I adore Venice. I can’t get enough of it. So when we had the chance to swing by Venice on our last jaunt through Europe this past fall, we couldn’t pass it up. We only had a couple days in this magical city, but the minute we walked through the station doors and…

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