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Temecula to Denver: An InstaTog Session

A vintage California highway motel in Baker, California.

[google1] A couple of weeks ago I completed my first solo journey from Temecula to Denver by car. Of course, in the 21st century that isn’t a really hard or amazing feat (its no Lindbergh Flight), but that doesn’t take away from the beauty of the journey. The road trip itself is really simple: Interstate 15 to Interstate 70. At 65 mph the trip took about 17 hours, and I spread out the drive over…

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This Post Is For You Bob! A Call For Guest Posts

Bob and Mary Salvon arriving home from a family cruise.

I’ve been everywhere, man / Crossed the deserts bare, man / I’ve breathed the mountain air, man / Travel – I’ve had my share, man / I’ve been everywhere -Johnny Cash Like Clark Griswold, Robert Salvon (Beth’s father) is an Original Traveler. For those of us in the travel game, we simply refer to guys like them as OTs. They’ve seen America. Not so much the gentrified landscape of today, but the raw, 1980s America,…

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Vernazza, Cinque Terre – Italy – Somewhere In Time Travel Photo

  Somewhere In Time is a weekly travel photo from around the world. Enjoy! After a long hike in Cinque Terra we turned a corner and saw this amazing view of Vernazza.  Cinque Terra seems to get better and better with each step, now that I am gone – I think about it all the time. The buildings are crumbling into the sea slowly. The air is clear and the sun is warm. I miss…

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U.S.A., Vegas

Vegas Baby….

We’ve been in Vegas 3 days and so far it’s turning out to be everything we have expected & more! We’ll post more pics in a few days… Did you like this article? If so, consider retweeting below or stumbling it. Better yet sign up for our RSS feed here and get the goodies delivered directly to your inbox! Consider yourself hugged. *Please remember all photos on this website are copyrighted and property of BeersandBeans.com,…

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Somewhere In Time – Temple Bar – Dublin, Ireland

Somewhere In Time is a weekly post featuring a photo from around the world. Enjoy! Bound in the north by the River Liffey, Temple Bar is a happening spot in Dublin. The Temple Bar is not only a pub but an entire area that comprises several fun filled, cobblestone blocks. The square is packed of some of the most happening bars & restaurants that Dublin has to offer. It is a very touristy area and…

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Published – Yah!

I opened my email this morning to find a nice surprise – one of my photos was published on Whygo.com! Yah! Those of you familiar with Bootsnall already know what Whygo is all about but those that don’t – it is a Bootsnall site that produces awesome travel guides for destinations around the world. It’s a go to place where you can get travel tips/advice and ideas about where to take your next trip. If…

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Somewhere In Time – Oaxaca, Mexico

Somewhere In Time is a weekly post featuring photos from around the world. Enjoy! Mother and daughter walk past fair vendors in Oaxaca, Mexico during the Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) celebrations in the city. To see the rest of the Somewhere In Time portfolio click here.

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