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Paris Apartment With A KILLER View Of The Eiffel Tower


Oh, Paris! I’ve camped along your waterways, been verbally trashed by your sexiest hostel slumlord and found peace in a 200 square foot apartment that looked out onto Henri Matisse’s pleasure den. Over the past two years, Beth and I have been fortunate enough to spend a number of nights in Paris.  We fell in love with the city during our first visit in September 2010 when we pitched a tent for a week at…

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Love in a Paris Cafe | Somewhere In Time Weekly Travel Photo

Love In A Paris Cafe SFM SM

Somewhere In Time is a weekly travel photo from around the world. Enjoy! We took a walk around Montmartre looking for that perfect cappuccino. We didn’t find it. Instead we found this. Which was infinitely better than any cup of coffee anywhere. I am a bit of a voyeur when I take photos. I just can’t help watching other people in their own worlds of chaos, happiness, boredom, you name it. But there’s one instance…

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3 Things I Love About The Christmas Market on Champs-Elysees

paris_market_mulled wine

[google1][pinit count=”vertical” url=”http://www.beersandbeans.com” float=”right”] Oh Paris! As I write this, looking out from our Montmartre apartment onto the Effiel Tower and a seemingly silent city below, I’m a whole lot of sad; not only am I leaving this beautiful city in less than six hours (5 a.m.), I’m also going to miss the plethora of Christmas Markets that fill Paris with so much holiday joy, including one of my favorites the Christmas Market on the…

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Europe: Third Times A Charm

Rainbows over Spain with Eurail.com.

[google1][pinit count=”vertical” url=”http://www.beersandbeans.com” float=”right”] It seems like we’ve been making a lot of announcements recently–visiting Ohio and On The Beach contest winners–and yet we have another one! We are off to Europe today for two months! Wow! I can’t believe we are lucky enough to return to Europe for the third year in a row. To be honest, we keep trying to get to Southeast Asia for the fall but during the past two years…

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The Paris Room Lonely Planet Won’t Tell You About


[google1] I’ll be the first to admit that I find a lot of value in guidebooks. In fact, I used Rick Steves’ Venice guidebook last autumn and found it tremendously helpful for finding quality dining spots. And guess what was in our backpack when we touched down in Morocco for the first time? Why Lonely Planet, of course. However, for all of its valuable information, the guidebook will always come up short when it comes…

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Paris: Avalon Hotel | Hangin’ with @HostelBookers

Avalon Hotel in Paris, France

[google1] Editors Note: This is the ninth and final review in our series about each property–hostel and hotel–we stayed at during The Hazy Shade of Autumn Tour with the good folks at HostelBookers. Story by Randy Kalp & photos by Bethany Salvon. Beth and I don’t agree on everything–for example, she doesn’t see the beauty in fast jazz and outlaw country music, while I do–but when it comes to our favorite cities, we are on…

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Hanging Out with @HostelBookers in Europe

Playing with mirrors in a Vienna hostel.

[google1] Playing with Mirrors at Wombats Hostel in Vienna. We are about five weeks into the Hazy Shade of Autumn Tour and we are excited to announce we picked up HostelBookers as a sponsor for some of our accommodation stays for the remainder of our journey!! As budget travelers, Beth and I have always been fans of HostelBookers. Not only are they generally cheaper than other hostel booking sites, but HostelBookers also doesn’t charge any…

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