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The Ultimate Photographer’s Holiday Gift List (From $1 Up!)


[google1][pinit count=”vertical” url=”http://www.beersandbeans.com” float=”right”] I’m sorry to inundate you with what seems like yet another holiday list. Just two days ago I published the Ultimate Traveler’s Holiday Gift List and it hadn’t even dawned on me to write a photography specific one until people kept writing and telling me how useful the traveler list was so I figured why not make one for all the photographer’s out there? I know the items I use and…

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Getting Out Of Auto Ebook Opening To Stellar Reviews!


[google1] As some of you know my photo ebook – Getting Out Of Auto – launched last week and so far it is opening up to some great reviews! Honestly I am extremely flattered and humbled that so many people have enjoyed the book and are already using it! If you’re thinking about purchasing it you might want to check out what some other people are saying: “Beth has created what might be the best…

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The Ultimate Photographer’s Holiday Gift List (From $1 Up!)
December 16, 2012