Copley Square Hotel

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Hartmann Luggage Video Review


After posting our story about my Kelty backpack strap failing on our travels through Europe, Hartmann Luggage contacted us and stated simply that its luggage would not have failed us in our time of need. Smelling a challenge, we offered to put one of the company’s wheeled suitcases to the test. They agreed. And several weeks later, we got a turquoise Hartmann Packcloth 21″ Expandable Mobile Traveler in the mail. The arrival of the luggage…

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I left my heart at the Copley Square Hotel – Review & Photos of a Fantastic Hotel!


For two years, I have carried on a secret love affair. I’ve tried to fight it. It’s only lust, I would tell myself, but I wasn’t fooling anyone. Beth already knew. And now, I think it is time for me to come clean to everyone else. I love boutique hotels. Yes, I love boutique hotels! God that feels good. One more time, I LOVE BOUTIQUE HOTELS! How did this happen? Well, I’m glad you asked….

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