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Riviera Maya.


e spent five glorious days under the Mexican sun with the Riviera Maya Tourism Board. The trip was an absolute blast filled with adventure activities (zip lining & biking), amazing eats & plenty of sightseeing. We shared photos and stories with our readers about why the Riviera Maya is a can’t miss on your trip south of the border. We also provided live updates on all our social networks while we were out in the field.

The Mayans had it good in Tulum. They built their city on seaside cliffs overlooking the bluest ocean I have ever seen. In fact, don’t forget your swimsuit – while touring the ruins you can actually take a break and hit up the beach for a swim in the beautiful warm water! Have you ever seen ruins that you could also swim at? Before my visit to Tulum I hadn’t.

From Visiting The Ruins Of Tulum

We’ve got a lot of great Riviera Maya travel tips as well as a lot of photographs to get you in the tropical mood, no matter where you are today. To access the collection, simply click the Launch Project Button on the right side of this page.

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  • September 2011
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