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Yah – We were interviewed by Europe Traveler!

For me, at least, it’s always nice to be on the other side of an interview. Being questioned about my life, especially now that we’ve decided to travel long term, is nothing new; though, the questions generally come from loved ones or friends who, while completely supportive, aren’t exactly sure how realistic the whole endeavor is. Though, I understand where they’re coming from, heck, I had the same apprehensions. Admittedly, I was naive and, at…

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5 ways to increase your laptops battery life while traveling – Working from the Road Wednesday

Laptop battery life on the road can be a real hassle. Claims of five to six hours are as believable as Whitney Houston’s sobriety. When we are camping electricity is always at a premium for us and it’s always frustrating to lose power in the middle of working on the computer in the tent. We’ve tried every possible way to possible to increase our laptop’s battery life and we’ve discovered there are several simple tricks…

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Working From The Road Wednesday – Got WiFi? We don’t.

Working On the Road As Long As The Battery Holds Out On The Train From Paris To Venice. Europe is fascinating but finding internet access has been REALLY tough. Yet again, we are stuck in Europe without access to the outside world. It seems this is a recurring issue on our trip and it has made keeping up with the blog increasingly difficult. Despite seeking out campgrounds and cafes that claim to have WiFi, we…

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