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We’re Travel Longer Magazine’s Featured Travel Experts (and you can get a free copy!)


A month or so ago we were contacted by the fine folks over at Travel Longer Magazine who asked if we would consider being interviewed as their travel experts. This magazine not only looks gorgeous (consistently full of great photography!) but it is always chock full of excellent travel information. To top it off they have worked with a lot of top bloggers and travel photographers including none other than Steve McCurry. Steve McCurry is…

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Yay! Our #Vines Made It Onto The San Francisco Chronicle

Travel Vines: Bethany Salvon and Randy Kalp of Beers and Beans.

I’ve been a fan of the Chronicle since my undergraduate days at San Francisco State University in the early 2000s. At that time, the paper was a staple in my life. Whether I was on the MUNI, eating in a Mission taqueria, or hunkered down at a bar on Ocean Avenue, it always seemed to be there. I saw the demise of the Chronicle’s old-school composing room when X-Acto knives, wax machines and light boards…

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The Cover Shot!

album 4-smaller-for-BnB-

Yah! Ever see a photo on an album cover and wish that one of your photos could be on an album cover one day? Music & Photography seem to go hand & hand. It’s a perfect fit. I have photographed bands & musicians before but I’ve never had the chance to be on an album cover. Until now…. I’m proud to say that I now have a photo on an album cover! Tip Top Recordings…

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Yah – We were interviewed by Europe Traveler!

For me, at least, it’s always nice to be on the other side of an interview. Being questioned about my life, especially now that we’ve decided to travel long term, is nothing new; though, the questions generally come from loved ones or friends who, while completely supportive, aren’t exactly sure how realistic the whole endeavor is. Though, I understand where they’re coming from, heck, I had the same apprehensions. Admittedly, I was naive and, at…

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Iceland – Photo Essay on

Before traveling to Iceland I spoke with the awesome guys over at and decided to shoot a photo essay for them on Iceland. Iceland was absolutely beautiful and I have been specifically waiting to release many photos from that part of the trip until Travel Squire had made their choices. It was tough choosing which photos to go with but I think they did a great job and picked out some great shots! If…

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Why I Wish I Traveled Long Term In My 20’s (and 9 Reasons You Should).

In an effort to catch up on some of my published articles I am posting what became a pretty popular article over at Emily’s website – a few months ago. Emily’s website is geared more towards the 20 something traveler and even though I am in my 30’s I had a great piece that I wanted to write about. I had been thinking about it for quite sometime and was going to post it…

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Travel with Friends Vs. Traveling Solo

I have some catching up to do with our published works! I was lucky enough to get a guest posting opportunity at a few months back and I’ve slacked a bit in getting it up on Beers and Beans. But over the next few weeks I am going to catch up with a few of these published articles and get them up on the site. If you haven’t seen this post we did at…

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