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Our Favorite American Towns to Drink Craft Beer In

Exploring San Diego’s Craft Breweries: 2 Newcomers and 2 Classics:

We’ve teamed up with to bring you our favorite beer towns in America, and what to drink when you get there. There’s a good chance we probably missed your favorite, if so, let us know about the town or brewery in the comments following the story. Having beers with friends used to mean drinking 12 ounces of a watery malted mess like Coors, MGD (do they still even make that?), Mickey’s, or local favorites: Rolling…

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A Kick Cancer’s Butt Staycation in Boston


A couple weeks ago I announced that I was partnering with Skinny Cow to promote women’s empowerment – in the form of WoCave travel missions throughout the summer. I was really excited to partner with them on this mission because although I’m missing my eyebrow rings and gothic/hippie overalls (I was clearly confused) from my college days I am still all about women getting the most they can from life, empowering themselves and each other….

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Down & Out in Downtown Boston – Somewhere In Time Weekly Travel Photo

Mass General Hospital Boston MA SFB

[google1] Somewhere In Time is a weekly photo from around the world. Enjoy! Where should I start? This view of Boston is pretty nice – especially for a view from a hospital room. I think my dad got lucky when he transferred to this Cadillac of rooms at Mass General Hospital a couple days ago. Life has been tough lately. I realize most people who read this blog don’t know what’s going on in our…

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R2 D2 in HDR – Boston, MA – Somewhere In Time Travel Photo


Somewhere In Time is a weekly travel photo from around the world. Enjoy! The Christian Science Monitor in Boston is a great place to visit and I used to sit and relax on the grounds frequently when I lived there. The buildings are beautiful – come to think of it, now that I’m writing this I’m realizing that I have never actually been in any of the buildings but from the outside they are very…

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