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Somewhere In Time – I can’t survive if this is all that’s real – Maui, Hawaii USA

Snorkeling In Maui 27 sfb sm

Last year. 2015. Happy it’s over yet incredibly sad that it’s gone. I don’t like the change it brought. Personally, it was the most tragic year of my life. Something that happened in early autumn that I can’t even bear to write yet. If I write it then it becomes more real so I just can’t bring myself to do it. I was going through some old photos and found this one from Maui. It…

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Travel Photo Of The Week – Small Town America in Sandusky, Ohio

photo of the week 4

Image: Acme Barber Shop in Sandusky, Ohio USA  Sandusky is a small town city on the shores of Lake Erie in Ohio. It’s a cute little spot with just enough to keep you entertained for a couple days before you take a ferry over to the islands, which describe themselves as the “Midwest Key West” and it’s a pretty accurate description. The islands are party central with most people getting around via golf carts and…

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New York City

7 Pizza Joints to Try in New York City

A pizzeria in New York City.

New York City may be a pizza lover’s dream, but if you don’t know where to go it can be more of a tasteless nightmare. There are so many pizzerias in the city claiming to serve the best pizza it can be difficult to weed out the great pies from the downright awful. To help you save time on your next trip to New York City, we’ve put together seven of Manhattan’s best pizza spots….

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New Orleans

Why New Orleans is the Best American City for Jazz

Storyville Stompers Brass Band in New Orleans.

Morning on Bourbon Street is like seeing actress Mila Kunis without makeup—both are much more approachable. That’s my thought as we step out from our boutique digs at Hotel Le Marais, a quiet sanctuary just off the infamous strip known for its booze and boobs. We push on past families strolling Bourbon Street—the evening crowd is all but gone–and cut down St. Peter through Jackson Square to Café Du Monde, where people line the sidewalk…

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Our Favorite American Towns to Drink Craft Beer In

Exploring San Diego’s Craft Breweries: 2 Newcomers and 2 Classics:

We’ve teamed up with to bring you our favorite beer towns in America, and what to drink when you get there. There’s a good chance we probably missed your favorite, if so, let us know about the town or brewery in the comments following the story. Having beers with friends used to mean drinking 12 ounces of a watery malted mess like Coors, MGD (do they still even make that?), Mickey’s, or local favorites: Rolling…

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Exploring San Diego’s Craft Breweries: 2 Newcomers and 2 Classics

Exploring San Diego’s Craft Breweries: 2 Newcomers and 2 Classics:

It’s early fall, and we’re exploring San Diego County’s beer scene. We’re collaborating with Expedia on this delicious assignment to see how two of the county’s newest breweries stack up against a couple of our all-time favorites. For those of you who don’t know, over the last five years, San Diego has garnered near-mythical status among beer pilgrims, hop heads, and ambitious brewers from as far east as Japan. But as more and more breweries…

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Discovering North County San Diego’s Best Skateparks with a Kia Soul

Discovering North County San Diego's Best Skateparks with a Kia Soul:

It’s hard to imagine now, but there was time–approximately 15 years or so ago–when San Diego didn’t have the concrete skateparks it has today. The skate culture was there; it always has been. And in 1999, an unlikely city stepped up. Vista built the first modern day public concrete park in the county. The off-white slab featured light transitions, street elements–handrails, boxes, stairs, etc.–and fairly smooth concrete. While it is a far cry from what…

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