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London: Smart Hyde Park View | Hangin’ with @HostelBookers

London Phone Booths sfb sm

[google1][pinit count=”vertical” url=”” float=”right”] Over the last year Beth and I have discovered that we are no longer hostel dorm people. While a lot of it has to do with our nomadic lifestyle of trying to balance work with travel, we’ve also realized that we like having our own privacy and space. At first I kind of felt guilty, like I’m some bourgeois backpacker who’s no longer keeping it real. But then, as I spoke…

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Geek Travel Tips with HostelBookers


As a man who dabbles in geekdom, I was pretty excited when I came across this map by HostelBookers, which features more than a dozen travel tips from some of the world’s most beloved geeks. Believe it or not, I got even more excited when I saw a tip from one of our favorite travel bloggers, Wes Nations of Johnny Vagabond, partly because after all these years I had no idea he was a fellow…

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Oasis Backpackers’ Palace Sevilla | Hangin’ With @Hostelbookers

Seville Hostel

Editors Note: This is the fifth review in an ongoing series that will highlight each property–hostel and hotel–we stayed at during The Hazy Shade of Autumn Tour as part of our partnership with the good folks at Story by Randy | Photography by Beth We loved Morocco, but after nearly two weeks we were excited for Spain, especially Seville, our first stop. The exterior and entrance of the hostel: Due to transportation schedules we…

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7 Super Shots Photo game with @Hostelbookers


[google1] If you loved some of the yearly round up posts that were going around the blogosphere then you’re sure to love this new 7 Super Shots Photo round table put together by our friends at HostelBookers. We were asked to put together a photo post by choosing photos that we loved and that fit within the categories chosen by HostelBookers. They started the game off on Friday by putting together the first Super Shot…

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Wombats City Hostel at the Naschmarkt Vienna | Hangin’ with @Hostelbookers

wombats hostel vienna 196x196

Editors Note: This is the first review in an ongoing weekly series that will highlight each property–hostel, hotel and apartment–we stayed at during The Hazy Shade of Autumn Tour as part of our partnership with the good folks at Stepping foot into Wombats City Hostel in Vienna changed my perspective on what a hostel could be. At its core it is a hostel—dorm rooms, social atmosphere, plenty of computers to keep up with the…

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Hanging Out with @HostelBookers in Europe

Playing with mirrors in a Vienna hostel.

[google1] Playing with Mirrors at Wombats Hostel in Vienna. We are about five weeks into the Hazy Shade of Autumn Tour and we are excited to announce we picked up HostelBookers as a sponsor for some of our accommodation stays for the remainder of our journey!! As budget travelers, Beth and I have always been fans of HostelBookers. Not only are they generally cheaper than other hostel booking sites, but HostelBookers also doesn’t charge any…

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A healthy recipe for the road – A submission to Hostel Bookers recipe guide!

holy-beanacado-resized copy

[google1]   Food & travel go together and Hostelbookers has got a pretty cool thing going on involving both! They’re making a pocket Backpacker’s Recipe Guide!! It will be full of easy, yummy recipes you can make in a hostel kitchen that will not only keep you healthy but keep your costs down and help you make new friends at the same time. I can truly attest to the fact that having a good recipe…

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