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@Roomorama Greatest Hits: Sapphire Galata | Istanbul

An Istanbul apartment from Roomorama.

[google1][pinit count=”vertical” url=”” float=”right”] One of the coolest things about running Beers and Beans is being able to share our stories and recommendations with others who have the same passion for travel as we do. . During the past five years, our travel blog has become so much more than what we initially imagined–or I guess I should say what Beth had originally envisioned, since she was the driving force behind the site. One of…

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Lensbaby Goes To Europe – A Photo Essay


[google1][pinit count=”vertical” url=”” float=”right”] In case you missed it, yesterday I reviewed my new favorite lens – the Lensbaby Composer Pro. If you want a full review of the lens be sure to check out the Falling in Love With Lensbaby – How I Shoot post. A few months ago I also published a Lensbaby photo essay of a cruise down the Bosphorous in Istanbul but today I’m releasing another set of Lensbaby images taken…

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Bobbing Like Apples in Cappadocia with @RoyalBalloon

Hot Air Balloon Ride with Royal Balloon in Cappadocia Turkey

[google1] Story by Randy Kalp | Photos by Bethany Salvon The balloons were ready at dawn as were the passengers. We came from all over the globe, uniting for an ascent above the ancient landscape of Cappadocia, Turkey. After being treated to one of the finest breakfasts we had on The Hazy Shade of Autumn Tour at the Royal Balloon headquarters, Beth and I, along with the other riders, were shuttled to the launch area,…

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Living Like A Local With @Roomorama: Istanbul Edition (Photo Essay & Video)


*To see the video in all its HD goodness, click the far right button on the right side of player to go full screen and then crank it up to 720p. Made for travelers by travelers. That could be the motto for this holiday apartment. Zumrut and her husband Hayri bought this apartment (and the one below it) so they could rent it out and make money to travel. We found this out after we…

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Cruising the Bosphorus River | Istanbul, Turkey ~ A Photo Essay


[google1] When Beth and Brooke, of Brooke vs. the World, decided they wanted to take the Bosphorus River Cruise offered by Get Your Guide, I said, “sure, let’s do it” and then went back to the tedious task of cleaning out my email inbox. At one point, I think Beth read aloud the details of the tour, but, apparently, I wasn’t listening. So, I was a bit surprised (in a good way) when I found…

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We’re on a dream trip in Turkey!

bosphorous 6 sfb

[google1] Istanbul is blowing me away. Actually let me rephrase that – Turkey is blowing me away. We spent a few days in Cappadocia hiking among the fairy chimneys, feeding stray cats and watching life unfold. We even flew in a hot air balloon! Fast forward to today where we are walking the streets of Istanbul with Brooke of We’ve seen candy being made in the streets and sold on the spot, we’ve haggled…

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Buying a Turkish Rug


[google1] My sister Bridgette has been bugging out for a Turkish rug for a long time. Now that we’re finally in Turkey I decided this would be a perfect time to find out what all the fuss is about and see if I could buy her one. Turns out I can’t because they are WAY expensive. Well at least the real ones are. I’ve been intimidated by most of the rug sellers in Turkey. You…

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