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Travel and the Art of Compromise

A boat in Thessaloniki, Greece.

[google1] Thessaloniki, Greece | Hipstamatic Massachusetts, Mexico, San Diego, Massachusetts, Amsterdam, Serbia and now Greece. It’s been a fun, but busy month and now we find ourselves behind the 8-Ball (in terms of work) in Thessaloniki, Greece. So, we have chosen to forgo our original (and a bit challenging–financially and logistically) plans of island hopping our way to Turkey. Instead, we will spend our time exploring northern Greece while making our way to the Turkey…

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Paragliding in Cyprus

Photo provided by Scarlett Redman.

  Today’s guest post is from Scarlett Redman. ‘You must try this!’ the over enthusiastic hostel owner insisted, wafting around dog-eared pamphlets of tandem paragliding. My destination, Cyprus, became much more, shall we say, ‘exciting’ from that point on. Having spent a relaxed week in Kyrenia (North Cyprus), it didn’t take much coaxing to venture into adventure. After the customary pick-up flit around hotels in Cyprus, a rickety ride up the mountains ensued. Jostling against…

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How to Live Through a Collision with a Water Spout at Sea and Come Out Laughing!


Editor’s note: I hope you enjoy this latest guest post from Josh Aggars as much as we did! Be sure to check out his full bio at the end of the story. I love the ocean. It is home to the most interesting and exotic animals and plant life on the planet. It produces swells and waves that make this life worth living for me and all other dedicated surfers. It can be both warm…

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