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How To Open A Can Without A Can Opener

Travel Tips: How To Open A Can Without A Can Opener

You can have all the canned food in the world, but if you have no way to get into the can, then you have a whole lot of nothing. If you’ve ever found yourself in this situation, you know that it’s no bueno. So, we’re going to show you a simple technique for opening a can without an opener on this week’s installment of 15 Second Travel Tips. What You’ll Need Hard Stone Surface Knife (a…

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Camping in Cinque Terre, Italy


A trip to Cinque Terre is a must if you are visiting northern Italy. The five towns that cling to the seaside cliffs look like they are ripped straight out of a guidebook and they are a lot of fun to wander around. There is a train that stops at each village, but if you’re able bodied and want a more in-depth look while visiting Cinque Terre, then you should try the hike that connects…

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The Camper Van Code

Charlie the Van

Today’s super cool guest post is from Heather Taylor. It’s always been one of my dreams to drive through Europe in a camper van and I’d be a liar if I said I was jealous of her amazing van ride through France! All you foodies will want to be sure to check out her blog since it is all about her world in food! She’s got a lot of great recipes and stories about traveling…

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Visiting Iceland on a Budget – Our Daily Travel Budget in Iceland

A beautiful church glows on the hillsides of Iceland

You hear it all over the place – Iceland is expensive, you can’t do Iceland on a budget, etc, etc. Right before we left we saw an episode on the Travel Channel where Samantha Brown went to Iceland and paid about $5 for a cup of coffee. We hadn’t done any research and when we saw that we were a little nervous about our budget to say the least! While Iceland can be very expensive,…

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Iceland at Dawn – Somewhere In Time Weekly Travel Photo


Somewhere in Time is a weekly photo from around the world. Enjoy! (You can click the photo to make it bigger.) One day in Iceland we rented a car and drove from Reykjavik to Hofn. It took 5 hours and we took our time so we didn’t arrive until late at night. All the hotels we happened upon on the way were really expensive ($200+/night) and we couldn’t figure out why. They looked nice but…

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Double Helix|Changing Woman – Bryce Canyon, Utah, USA – Somewhere In Time Weekly Travel Photo


Somewhere In Time is a weekly travel photo from around the world. Enjoy! Last March I was lucky enough to visit both Bryce Canyon N.P. & Zion National Park in Utah. It was a girls trip with two of my best friends, my cousin Sarah (in the photo) and my eternal roommate Lauren. It was amazing – we had a fantastic time! We camped in Zion and then went to Bryce for a night. I…

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Massive Fail!! Kelty Coyote Backpack Travel Gear Review


We were approximately 1 day (yes, the very first day) into the big trip when Randy’s backpack suffered an irreparable and massive fail. The hip buckle broke. We have no idea why, but he put it on and it just snapped. Since it took 4 hours just to find simple black thread in Iceland’s capital city of Reykjavik, we didn’t even attempt to find a replacement. Saved by – My father’s ancient wheelie luggage thing….

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