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Hello and welcome to Beers & Beans – our happy, little travel blog!


In August 2010, we took the first flight of our RTW trip and headed to Iceland! Since then we have been lucky enough to drive across the United States, camp in Iceland, hang out in London, eat our way through Paris, work on an organic farm in Tuscany and track down long lost family members in Lacedonia, Italy. It’s been an amazing adventure and we would love to have you wander with us!

We are a freewheelin’, 30-something couple with a little dog named Chachy. Currently, we are traveling around the world (sadly, without Chachy)! Beth is aChachy in the sun. professional photographer and Randy is a professional journalist, and we’ll be taking those skills with us to interview people and cover stories we find interesting around the world. Not to toot our own horn but we make a great team!

Our travel stories have appeared in G Adventures, USA Today Travel Tips, the San Diego Reader, San Diego Uptown News, BootsnAll Travel Network and other travel websites. We have also collaborated on several other features: Ziggy Marley, San Diego criminal street gangs, pro skateboarder Mike McGill, the 2010 ESPN X Games & the Newport Folk Festival in 2011. We are also the owners of Nariko’s Nest Weddings. It’s a wedding photography business which we put on hold to travel full time & focus our energies on Beers & Beans. Although you can still spot us photographing the occasional wedding if we can fit it in!

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Volunteering on the Road: Tales & Pictures from Wwoofing

For us, Beers and Beans is really about helping others. Possibly the most important aspect of this site is our desire to fill it with good information about the connections we make on the road in order to showcase the people who working hard to make a difference. As we travel, we will be volunteering, WWOOFing and doing what we can to help out others along the way.

When we started this journey we tried to come up with a name that was different and it was tough. Then it became obvious – Randy loves beer, he’s a bit of a connoisseur but certainly not a snob since he likes ALL beer and Beth is a vegetarian that loves beans, most specifically black beans.

Randy = Beer

Beth = Beans