The Best Little Holiday Gift Guide to Handmade Travel Goods.

By Posted in - Travel Blog & Travel Resources on December 7th, 2016 A 12-pack of colorful travel-inspired pencils from Earmark Social Goods.

Feliz Navidad (Mexico), Frohe Weihnachten (Germany), Joyeux Noël (France), Buon Natale (Italy), Mutlu Noeller (Turkey)…Wherever you are in the world this holiday season, we’d like to wish you a Merry Christmas.

For our 2016 holiday gift guide, we are showcasing our favorite travel gifts (i.e., the one’s that we’ll be giving as gifts this year). We’re huge fans of handmade gifts, and it just so happens that travelers are making some of the coolest travel-inspired goods out there. This may not be the biggest holiday gift guide out there (in fact, it could be the smallest), but every item is sure to bring a smile to the adventurer in your life.

 Food Map of Italy – $24

A travel-inspired print of an Italy food map.

We love our Food Map of Italy by Jodi Ettenberg of Legal Nomads. Hand-drawn by Ella Frances Sanders and oh so delicious, the print is a true celebration of Italy’s wonderful world of foods. In addition to Italy, Jodi also features several other countries in her typographic Food Map series.

Traveler Pencil 12 Pack – $15

A 12-pack of colorful travel-inspired pencils from Earmark Social Goods.

No matter where you are, adventure awaits with this wonderful collection of travel-inspired pencils from Bridgette and Mike Salvon-Berndt at Earmark Social Goods. And if it’s good vibes you seek, then the duo’s brand new Unity Pencil Pack we’ll be sure to keep you smiling from Boston to Bangkok.

Travel Between the Lines Adult Coloring Book – $10.99


Travel Between the Lines adult coloring book by travel bloggers at Wander Tooth.

Coloring books remind me a lot of traveling in the sense that some days you find yourself in between the lines on the well-worn path; Other times you find yourself outside the lines on the road less traveled. So, it goes without saying that we’re huge fans of the Travel Between the Lines coloring book series by Geoff and Katie Matthews of Wandertooth, which features 47-illustrations from 29 countries across the globe.

Speakeasy Secret Pocket Scarf – $55

A solo female traveler putting her passport in the Speakeasy Secret Pocket Infinity Loop Scarf.

Don’t you make these? Yes, we do. I know mentioning our handmade travel scarves puts me into the same category of the band who wears their own t-shirts on stage. (Joey Ramone did it.) What can I say, it’s been three years and thousands of hand-sewn scarves since we launched the Speakeasy Travel Scarf in 2013, and I’m really proud of what we have created. Our secret pocket scarves offer the most stylish way to thwart pickpockets. Mashable agrees: “These scarves are not only attractive, but they’re a clever way to keep your passport safe, and close to your heart — literally.”

Got a favorite handmade travel gift not on the list? Tell us about it in the comments!

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  • Becky -

    January 26, 2017 at 5:15 pm

    I got to say I LOVE the Speakeasy Secret Pocket Scarf! It is super cute and practical!