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We’ve got an epic challenge for you guys! If you love Pirates of the Caribbean, you are going to really dig this one!

Film stills from Captain Morgan Trilogy

Last week, Captain Morgan (yep, the famous rum) reached out to us about being part of its new Triology campaign, which was created to further tell the 17th century story of the real-life Captain Henry Morgan and his adventures aboard his flagship The Satisfaction. After getting a sneak peek at the first video and hearing about the potential prizes for you guys, we decided to go for it!

Every Monday at 12PM EST, for the next three weeks, we’ll post a challenge which can only be solved by watching the “Perfect Getaway” video (This will be in the challenge post). Each week, Captain Morgan will give the blog with the most right answers in its comment section two identical prizes–one to keep and one to giveaway! To be entered each week, all you have to do is leave your correct answer in the blog post by Friday at 2 pm EST.

The more weeks that can win, the more we can giveaway, so be sure to let your friends and family know about this too!

Here’s some more information about what makes the Triology so awesome from the Captain himself: “The iconic rum brand teamed up with Todd Field, Academy Award-nominated director of hits like Twister and The Haunting, and Nathan Crowley, production designer for the successfully revamped Batman franchise (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight Rises, etc.) and John Carter.  Together, Field and Crowley brought the Captain’s world to life, introducing new characters and painting a broader, more holistic picture of the famous privateer depicted on the rum bottle.”

We’ve included some more behind the scenes film stills for you to check out below.

CaptainMorgan (2) CaptainMorgan (117) OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

We hope you can join us on this epic adventure and share in the spoils of our conquests!

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