Pin Up Live! Join Us tomorrow on #Pinterest to Talk Volunteer Vacations with @CoEdGuatemala.

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PUL-Teaser_Co-EdWe are excited to present our next Pin Up Live chat on Pinterest, and we want you to join us for the fun and for a chance to win a Guatemala Prize Pack & Amazon gift card!

This Week’s Theme: Volunteer Vacations

This Week’s Co-Host: Cooperative For Education

This Week’s Prize: Guatemala Gift Pack (T-shirt, book, 2 bags of Guatemalan coffee and hand written letters from some of the students in Guatemala) AND a $75 gift card to Amazon. Additionally the winner will receive a $100 coupon to use towards a tour with CoEd if they want to go on one!

When: This Wed (March 13th) at 7pm EST

Where: Our Pinterest Pin Up Live Board

Join us this Wednesday to have a real time chat about Volunteer Vacations with a healthy dose of Pinspiration! It’s simple – to participate on Wednesday, just head on over to our Pinterest Board, Pin Up Live, which is dedicated to the event. We will be pinning inspirational travel pins to the board, each one containing a question related to volunteer travel. All you have to do is join in on the conversation!

Joining the conversation is easy!

We will pin seven of ‘Question Pins’ every few minutes and if you read or see something you like, simply leave a comment on that pin! This chat is a way for all of us to share our travel stories in a visual way, gain inspiration for future trips and also get travel tips and advice!

Feel free to chat away. We want to hear your travel tales, tips & questions! This board has turned into a fantastic travel resource because great folks, like you, have made it such a success!

During the chat we’ll also be checking out your boards and sharing some of your pins to the board as well! So be on the lookout for your name & one of your pins to pop up during the chat!

If you wondering what a ‘Question Pin’ looks like here you go: Question Pin Example

Important Note: Pinterest does not use hashtags (#) in a real time way so in order to follow the conversation, you’ll have to be on the Pin Up Live board at the dedicated time (Wed 3/13/13 at 7pm EST) to participate. You will also need to refresh that page every couple of minutes to see the updates, new comments and questions. Remember to refresh!

A little about our co-host…


Beth and I will be hosting the event with Jen and Gina from Cooperative for Education.

Jen and Gina will be joining us live on Pinterest during the chat, so you can ask them any questions you might have about volunteer vacations through the comments on the pins. We’ll have plenty of info at your disposal as well – volunteer packing tips, how to find a good and sustainable volunteer company to travel with and more. Plus, we want to hear all of your travel stories too – even if they aren’t volunteer related!

CoEd is an amazing non-profit devoted to the children of Guatemala.  They supply books and supplies to schools that have none, train teachers that are self taught and provide scholarships to Guatemalan children that normally would have to drop out of school to work for their families. We had a chance to volunteer with them last summer and can attest to the incredible work they are doing.

How do I enter to win the Guatemala Prize Pack & Amazon Gift Card?


In addition to the discussion, each time you leave a comment on a Pin Up Live Question Pin you will be entered to win this week’s prize pack! You’ll know what a question pin looks like when you see them pop up but just in case you are wondering here is Pin Up Live Pin example.

Why Pinterest?

Ever since joining Pinterest last year, we’ve been hooked. And a lot of it has to do with the inspired ideas and photos we encounter on a daily basis. There’s a lot of incredible people on Pinterest, but no real good way to have a conversation–until now. As avid travelers, we love sharing our travel tales and we believe the best tips and advice comes from your connections–family, friends and social networks. Pin Up Live brings the conversation to Pinterest, making it easy for people to connect and share stories, tips and beautiful images, while developing a comprehensive travel resource board that will grow more robust as new topics are discussed in the weeks and months ahead. This is a live chat held on Pinterest ever and we plan to continue it each week with different travel themes so please let us know if you have anything in mind you’d love to chat about or any travel companies you would like to chat with.

Pin Up Live by Beers and Beans and Earmark InvitationsRemember, joining in the conversation is easy, just head on over to our Pin Up Live Board on Wednesday (3/13/13) at 7 p.m. (EST). And remember, if you’d like to be entered in this week’s drawing, all you have to do is comment on one of the question pins during the session.

We can’t wait to chat live with you this Wed!

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