Take A Disney Themed Caribbean Cruise This Winter.

By Posted in - Caribbean & Islands on October 17th, 2012

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Cruise Ships Visit Port of San Diego (October 2012)

Disney ship by Port of San Diego via Flickr.

We’re all aware of the Magical Kingdom of Walt Disney World in Florida, boasting some of the most stunning attractions the world has to offer in a family-friendly theme park. But did you know Disney also host cruises around the Caribbean? The cruises give you the chance to tour around a number of sun-drenched islands including the private, exclusive Castaway Cay. With fun for all the family on board and on land, there’s plenty to occupy the young, as well as the young at heart.

Your Disney holiday will incorporate everything you could possibly expect and wish for from a themed holiday, with a number of opportunities to meet iconic characters such as Mickey Mouse and Goofy.

On your Caribbean Cruise you’ll visit the Cayman Islands and Mexico, all the while being cared for and pampered on, should the mood take you, in the comfort of a luxury cruise liner. With plenty to explore for both adults and kids, there’s a plethora of leisure activities to experience while at sea, from dancing to swimming pools and much more.

A Miami Cruise isn’t just for the younger members of the family. There are a number of adult-only sections to enjoy – from the intimate adult-only restaurants through to more relaxed eateries, you’ll be able to enjoy an evening to yourselves while the kids, regardless of their age, can partake in any one of the various kids clubs. They provide outdoor and indoor entertainment, as well as a dedicated social network that allows children to chat safely to other children on board.

If you want to choose to enjoy your meals outside, then poolside eating is readily available. After the kids have been put to bed, safe in the hands of dedicated babysitters provided on the ship, you can choose to dance the night away in one of the nightclubs or you can relax in comfort at a bar. In fact, the cruise ships have a Route 66 entertainment district solely for adults, hosting all of the hottest nightspots.

The Disney Wonder is something of a wonder itself. It’s a cruise ship of vast proportions and unprecedented luxury. Boasting 11 decks and a length of 964 feet (around the same height as the Eiffel Tower), the Disney Wonder has more than enough ground space to explore on your visit, regardless of how long you may be staying there. Over 2,500 passengers can be comfortably housed, with 950 cast and crew catering to your every need from dawn ‘til dusk. There are, naturally, a collection of Disney’s hallmarks on the ship, including a bronze statue of Ariel the Mermaid from The Little Mermaid greeting guests in the main lobby.

Holidays range from three to five night cruises, giving you the choice to venture as far from Miami as you wish. With the Disney island of Castaway Cay providing even more to explore and enjoy, the Disney cruises have plenty to enjoy for all the family.
Alternatively, you can choose to visit the Disney theme parks with a cruise and stay holiday from Port Canaveral. Book your Disney tickets through the website or over the phone to ensure your trip of a lifetime.

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