Some of our Favorite Food Iphone Photos From Costa Brava.

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As I was pouring through our Iphone photos from Costa Brava I noticed that we had a lot of food photos so I thought ‘Hey – we should dedicate an entire post to our instatog food photos from Spain!’ I’ve included a little write up about each set of images – I hope you enjoy them and if you have a favorite (dish or photograph) please by all means, let me know in comments below.

Our Typical Spanish Breakfast

Randy generally opted for the egg and meat combo at the Hotel Terraza while I stuck with the traditional bread, sprinkled with olive oil, salt and then finished off by rubbing a whole tomato on it. Very Good!


They love their fish in Spain!

Not only was fish served at every single meal but in every capacity – fresh, broiled, breaded, fried, you name it. In Spain there is even an entire museum dedicated to fish in Palamos! The museum was actually pretty cool and it was great to learn about the historical and cultural importance of seafood in Spain.

Two very typical and culturally important drinks in Spain: the mojito and the porro.

We were able to partake in a mojito workshop and watch how a true mojito is made – did you know a real mojito should be brown in color? If you’re a fan of mojitos then make sure to stay tuned – I have the recipe and I will be sharing it on here! Technically the porro is not the wine but the name for how you drink it. For hundreds of years Spanish fisherman would bring their wine to the boats and drinking it this way was how they all shared it without needing to use glasses. We tried our best at it but had a tough time getting the bottle further from our mouths – it takes skill!


Can you say tapas??!!

As part of our Costa Brava blogger trip we spent one night tapas-hopping through the city of Palamos. It was something I was really looking forward to because I never really understood the Spanish obsession with tapas. My US experience with them has always left me broke and hungry. But in Palamos I was able to not only first hand experience the bliss of tapas hopping with locals but I also got to see some tapas that were out of this world – like this one below. This one has an egg and a TON of tiny baby eels on it. It reminds me of Medusa’s hair and it was so pretty I couldn’t help taking a photo of it. Randy didn’t get a chance to sample this one but we heard it was fantastic!

In Roses we stumbled upon this fantastic pizzeria – Mare Chiaro.

We ate here more often than we should have but we couldn’t help it. The pizzas were cheap (about 5 Euro each) and they tasted fantastic! Honestly, these pizzas were better than most of the ones I’ve had in Italy.


Salad Heaven!

The word ‘fresh’ doesn’t seem to pop up much in the Spanish foodie dictionary (unless it’s in regards to fish) and most vegetables are cooked or fried to the point where they don’t retain any sort of health benefits so I was really excited when we were served this amazing salad on our blogger trip through Costa Brava! I was also able to get my hands on a fresh lentil salad at the TBEX conference for lunch one day. Yum!


Who doesn’t love an overturned apple cart and a good cappuccino?

One day we stumbled upon an apple farm while biking through some medieval Spanish villages – green apples everywhere! Who could resist that scene? I also wanted to note that Mare Chiaro in Roses has the best cappuccino that I had in Spain. Go there. You’ll be happy.


Rice + Beautiful Light = A Very Happy Beth

When I saw we would be visiting a rice plantation to learn about the production of rice I was a little surprised. But then I realized why – Paella is a main staple in the Spanish diet and it’s made up of rice! Suddenly it made complete sense as to why we were going to learn about it but what really shocked me was the unbelievable canvas of light that was streaming into the rice factory when we arrived. I hate to say it but I didn’t learn much about rice production during this trip because instead I took off following the light. Look at this light!! How could I not?

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  • Lane -

    October 3, 2012 at 6:47 am

    What did we do before the iPhone? I upgraded just two months ago and we have become inseparable. Maps, weather, find a restaurant, apps for everything, and the photos are much better quality than expected. (No, I’m not a paid endorser of the iPhone).

  • Annette | Bucket List Journey -

    October 4, 2012 at 9:02 am

    What a scrumptious collection of food photos! You even made the baby eel one look enticing 😉
    I do miss the traditional Spanish style bread. That and a Sangria could be dinner for me.