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Editors Note: This is the ninth and final review in our series about each property–hostel and hotel–we stayed at during The Hazy Shade of Autumn Tour with the good folks at HostelBookers.

Story by Randy Kalp & photos by Bethany Salvon.

Beth and I don’t agree on everything–for example, she doesn’t see the beauty in fast jazz and outlaw country music, while I do–but when it comes to our favorite cities, we are on the same page, and at the top of that list is Paris.

It’s funny how some places never seem to lose their glow, while others burn out so quickly. Just like San Diego and San Francisco before it, I’ll never forget that morning in September 2010 when we stepped out from the cool shadows of Gare du Nord and got drunk on the Paris light. On our return trip to the city last December, we were lucky enough to stay at the stylish Avalon Hotel, just two blocks away from the storied rail station in Paris’ 10th Arrondissement.

The entrance of Avalon with it’s pretty turquoise door:

    Paris Hotel

After months on the road, traveling at far too fast of a pace, we were elated to have a week in Paris before flying back to America for the holidays. Already ecstatic when we stepped out from the station, things only got better when we opened the door to our fifth floor room. After an easy check-in with the polite front desk receptionist, we were delighted with the style of our cushy, modern hotel room. Up until Paris, we had been staying mostly in hostels and apartments, which were all fantastic, but there is just something about being in a hotel room that makes you feel like you are really on vacation.

Better yet, our room was a superior studio, featuring a kitchenette, mini-fridge and sink. Couple that with reliable WiFi, hardwood floors, a plush queen size bed, tall french windows and a HDTV, and you’ve got room that is a perfect base for tourists and business travelers alike, especially when you factor in the Avalon’s excellent European-style breakfast and the common dining area, which is roomy and could double as a convenient afternoon or late night BYOB (or wine) cafe for guests.

Our room, kitchenette, continental breakfast, bathroom and Randy looking cute as he looks up things to do in Paris:

Paris Hotel

Paris Hotel

Paris Hotel–  Paris Hotel

Paris Hotel

Paris Hotel    Paris Hotel

Paris Hotel

The other thing I really liked about the Avalon Hotel was its location. Because it is only five minutes from Gare du Nord, which is one of the city’s main stations, it’s easy to hop a direct line to any of Paris’ choice spots, including Champs Elysees, Les Halles and Montmartre to name a few. Additionally, it makes getting into and out of Paris a breeze. One of our biggest mistakes on our trip was over packing, which makes navigating city’s fantastic metro a real pain. By being able to pick up the RER train to Charles de Gaulle airport directly from Gare du Nord, it made our early morning exit from Paris super easy.

The common areas of the hotel are well kept and feature funky colors & artwork:

Paris Hotel   Paris Hotel

Paris Hotel

Paris Hotel   Paris Hotel

Another thing Beth and I liked about the Avalon Hotel’s location was that it was within walking distance to the La Chapelle neighborhood or Little Sri Lanka. We went out one night for dinner at a deliciously cheap Indian restaurant full of vegetarian delights, and were surprised to find a charming neighborhood that felt a world a way from the Eiffel Tower. Additionally, right across the street from the Avalon is a small market where you can pick up some budget Paris essentials–cheese, baguette, wine and sweets–perfect for an afternoon picnic or late night snack.

It never fails – the pretty Paris light makes everything look better. Here it is glowing on the circular stairs heading to the ground floor and shining in our room after a rain storm:

Paris Hotel  

Rates for the Avalon Hotel vary by season. The cost for a superior studio in December is $55.41 per person. So if you are heading to the City of Light this year, be sure to check out HostelBookers for this and many other cheap hotels in Paris.

*While our stay was complimentary, our words and opinions are our own.

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  • Michael -

    May 15, 2012 at 9:58 am

    You’re killing me. I had Paris on my mind for the fall, escaping the rainy Caribbean hurricane season. I even found flights using miles. But, family obligations will mean Paris waits for another time.

    • Bethany -

      May 16, 2012 at 8:29 am

      Well I hope everything works out with your family Michael and maybe you will get there next year. 🙂

      • Michael -

        May 16, 2012 at 8:32 am

        @Bethany, We’re heading to Mexico City on Friday for six days and are staying near Roma, which is supposed to be Paris-like. It will have to do.

  • Spencer -

    June 8, 2012 at 12:57 am

    Looks like a cool hotel. I have stayed in alot of hotels in my time but that one looks pretty interesting to me.