‘Tis the Season for the Traveling Golfer.

By Posted in - golf on December 22nd, 2011 A fairway at Pebble Beach, California.
A fairway at Pebble Beach, California.

Photo by JoshBerglund19 | Flickr Creative Commons

Living in New England all of my life in a small town that has three golf courses in it, I always wondered what all the people into golf did during the off season, since the courses close down for the whole winter, which can come as earlier at October and keep them closed through April depending on how badly we get hit.

But after talking to a few of friends and neighbors who are avid golfers, I discovered that one of the beauties of the United States is that if you plan your travel right, you can actually golf all year long.

Most New Englanders choose to go down to the southern states or out west, where golf doesn’t have an off season. California, home of Pebble Beach Resort and the 2019 U.S. Open, is one of the many places that allows golfers to enjoy the links year round.

Honestly, the only reason I know of Pebble Beach is because of Tiger Woods PGA Tour.  I know this doesn’t make me a golf expert, but I do get what draws people to the sport. Unlike basketball and baseball, golf is an individual effort and each player is only as good as their swing.

With the holiday season upon us, it led me to wonder what would be the right golf gift idea for the recreational golfer? Sure, you could go the expensive route with a new set of clubs or even a personalized golf cart. And, of course, there are always the classics brands that make golf what it is, like Nike and Ping, and while they may never be the next Arnold Palmer that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t enjoy the same professional equipment. I imagine that for a golfer to receive these kinds of gifts would be awesome but they are pricey, which is where people that are a little more internet savvy can find golf vouchers to help the everyday Christmas shopper find the right gift for the golfer in their life, everything from customized golf balls with words of wisdom or just the simple “I love you, good luck in the back nine.”  Thanks to the internet anyone–even those on an affordable budget–can give just the right gift.


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