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Bridge of Sighs – Venice, Italy – Somewhere In Time Weekly Travel Photo


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Bridge of Sighs - Venice, Italy

I had read that the Bridge of Sighs was named as such because prisoners had to cross the bridge on the way to the courtroom to hear their judgement. Rumor has it you could hear their sighs as they crossed the bridge to meet their fate.

I knew that it was one thing that I really wanted to see in Venice and I actually had to look around a bit to find it. I didn’t recognize it from other photos I had seen because it was entirely covered in advertisements. I can’t lie – at first I was completely saddened by the all encompassing ads. It was hard to visualize prisoners walking across the bridge sighing to themselves while looking at larger than life ads for name brand items.

I remember standing there and being disappointed but over time I have come to discover that I actually like looking at this photo. There are so many monuments, galleries and amazing things to look at in Italy that at some point it becomes overwhelming. Sure it’s not the Bridge of Sighs I had imagined in my head but standing there and looking at it plastered in 21st century advertisements is something I will always remember and it will also stand out to me because of it.

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