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How I Shoot – The Best $20 You’ll Ever Spend On Camera Gear


How I Shoot: A new monthly series from BeersandBeans where I highlight something I find useful in terms of travel photography – be it gear, tips, technical data, etc. Hope you like it – this is the second installation!

Raise your hand if you’ve brought a camera on your travels but when it comes to walking around town for the day you don’t want to bring it with you because after a couple of hours it gets too heavy and feels like a burden.

I hear ya.

Cameras and their corresponding bags and gadgets can get really heavy, especially when you are spending a long day on your feet.

Enter this little gem –Β  the Promaster Contour Pro Shoulder Strap.

If you’ve spent any timeΒ  in a camera shop there’s a good chance that you’ve seen this and have probably wondered if it’s worth the money. It is and no, I’m not getting paid to write about this. I haven’t even had any contact with this company whatsoever. I use this strap and I LOVE it.

It’s a padded strap with a neoprene gel like substance on the shoulder area. The strap has a bit of bounce to it and it’s extra wide which helps distribute the weight. I swear this strap takes 10 pounds off your gear. It has sturdy, metal clips so you can attach it to any bag you use.















I use it on all my bags, I don’t travel without it and I never shoot a wedding without it.

If you have a camera but you’d like to spend more time with it get yourself one of these straps. I swear it’ll be the best $20 you ever spent. You won’t believe the difference this strap makes – no other strap seems to compare to this one. The only thing you’ll wish is that you did it earlier.

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