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In Between Days- Paris, France -Somewhere In Time Weekly Travel Photo

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In Between Days - Montmartre, Paris

In Between Days – Montmartre Paris, France

I’ve said before that Paris was an unexpected find for me. Sure, I wanted to see the Eiffel Tower and eat the delicious $3 crepes, but it was the way the light bounced off the cobblestones and 100+ year old chimney stacks that really captured me. I never expected the light in Paris to be so, well for lack of a better adjective, mind blowing. Spend one day walking around the streets of Paris and you’ll know instantaneously why so many famous artists have called Paris home at one point in their lives.

It is that good.

We spent our last day walking around the area of Paris called Montmartre, which is where this photo was taken. In a way it was a good thing we went there on the last day. I had already fallen in love with Saint Germain & the Bastille District. If I had visited Montmartre first, there would’ve been a good chance that I would’ve missed out on other neighborhoods in Paris. Even the Louvre would’ve had to fight for my attention.

Montmartre is the highest hill in Paris and provides unrivaled views of the streets below. More so than that, it seems to capture the BEST light in Paris. I literally just stood and stared as the afternoon sun bounced around the streets of this area, my mouth agape. When I was planning this RTW trip, someone once asked me why I wanted to travel around the world. I replied “To see the way the afternoon light falls in other parts of the world.” Being a photographer I am addicted to watching light. The way sunlight falls and wraps itself, like a warm blanket, around everything in its path never gets old to me. Though, when I said that out loud, I imagined Venice and rural Africa in the back of my mind. I never imagined Paris. But still to this day, I have not seen light anywhere else in the world like the light in Paris.

Montmartre is a bohemian hamlet where many of Paris’ famous resident artists spent their days – if one place can attract anyone from Picasso to Van Gogh to Henri Matisse to Toulouse-Lautrec and Modigliani, you can only imagine that there is something really special about it. It must be the light.

I have many more photos from this part of Paris that I’m putting together for a larger photo post. From the little pink cafes, brilliantly hued doorways to skyline views – this part of Paris has a hold on me. When I move there one day, this will be the area I call home. If you go, be sure to hike up the Montmartre hill in the afternoon so you can see the late day sunlight casting its net over this seductive neighborhood.

I was walking around starstruck when I spotted this street. The young girl, just like me,  stopped and stared in awe of the shrinking daylight hues. The couple hanging out in the background was picture perfect. Moments before this photo was taken he was busy taking photos of his girlfriend – no doubt blown away and more in love than ever, as the light breezed through her strawberry blond locks.

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