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Iceland Culture|The Icelandic Horse

One of Iceland’s claim to fame is the Icelandic horse. This horse was bred in Iceland and is native to the country. It does exists outside of Iceland but I hadn’t seen one until we visited this September. When we rented a car for a day, we were able to drive through the Icelandic countryside and to my happy surprise, there were a lot ofย  Icelandic horses grazing in pastures. They are slightly smaller than the typical horse but they look really hardy. They have long beautiful manes, a coat of thick hair and their bodies seem wider than usual. The Icelandic horse is a beautiful and hypnotic creature. I could have spent hours hanging out with them. I got out to feed a few some grass and they were all really friendly and curious. I’m not sure how many horses could survive the harsh, Icelandic winter but these horses were obviously built for it. If you have the time and the money (I had time but not enough money), you can go on a horseback ride in different areas of Iceland. I’m sure it would be beyond beautiful and hopefully they next time I make it back, I’ll have some extra cash on hand. It is one of the top things to do in Iceland and I’ve been told it can’t be missed.

There is something really special about them so I took quite a few photos of the stunning Icelandic Horse.ย  I hope you like them.

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