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Snapshots of Paris

Thank God I was not born in Paris.

If I had been born in Paris the rest of the world would be nothing but a disappointment to me.

I have fallen completely head of heels in love with this city. In fact, I want to move here and I am going to move here, if even for only a couple of months. The light radiates off the buildings, the people have been lovely, the sights are unbelievable. I don’t even know the adjectives I would use that would accurately describe how I feel about Paris.

To be honest, I wanted to see it but I really didn’t think I would love it. Now Italy has some serious work to do in order to compete with this town. I have never in any of my travels met a place so fantastic.

Paris is absolutely perfect in every single way.

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious – That’s the only word that really comes to mind.

One thing is for sure – my life would not have been the same had I not visited Paris. My only regret is that I didn’t come here earlier.

Customers drink beer and ale in a Paris pub. Two cafes on a busy street in Paris, France. A couple walking through a Paris street. The Paris landscape from a train window.

Above is a random sampling of pictures from Paris. We have had a really hard time finding internet but now I think we’ve got a good place. Unfortunately I forgot my card reader and was unable to pick up the other photos I have. I had just a few on this card but I have very many to post! Paris has been amazing. We leave on Friday for Italy and now that we have a place for WiFi we’ll be able to put up some more posts about how to stay on a budget in Paris (and still have an awesome time) and about our camping experiences in Europe. Plus I am going through all of my Iceland pictures and I can’t wait to put those up as well. More to come tomorrow – Bonjour!

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