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I Left My Heart in Badlands National Park, South Dakota.

Badlands National Park in South Dakota is a must see for anyone driving in the area. This place is amazing! I loved it. I wanted to put up some photos from the park so everyone could see what a fantastic place it is. I have been to most of the National Parks in the U.S. and this one really holds a special part of my heart. Something I like about it is that minute you drive in you are smacked in the face with the beauty of the land. Part arid, hot desert land, part grass-blowing prairie land, the magic of this park will capture you quickly and it won’t let go. I loved the hot air whipping my hair around and the sound of the grass blowing in the breeze. Even if you only have a couple hours or you can’t walk around much, it doesn’t matter – you need to visit. Plus there are a ton of Buffalo and little prairie dogs running around. Look at the last picture – aren’t they cute? Almost as cute as Randy in his .67 cent Budweiser hat he bought in Wall, South Dakota.

I took these photos with my trusty Nikon and if you are looking to buy a camera soon you might want to check out They have discounts and promo codes for money off at Comet, which is an online company that sells cameras and a ton of other great gear.

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