Desert Hiking in Anza Borrego: Palm Canyon.

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A couple days ago I did a review on the campground at Anza Borrego Desert and how you can camp for free. To read that review, click here.

We also did an amazing hike when we were out there. I highly recommend doing this hike if you are in the area. I love the desert but I have never actually been on a desert hike where I came across a small river and a huge canyon of palm trees!

It was unbelievable to see all of this life flourishing under the hot desert sun. It was magical really. Around every corner there were different plants, animals and then finally the canyon filled with palm trees. It was really unique.

The hike was called the Palm Canyon Hike and was about 6.5 miles R/T. It is worth it but make sure you bring a ton of water with you! It can get very, very hot. Take extra precautions if you are headed out any time during the summer.

Here are some photos from the hike.

Palm Canyon in Anza Borrego Desert in California.

(Someone decided to start the trail off with a smiley face!)

A flowering Ocotillo in Anza Borrego Desert.(This picture may not seem like much but remember these plants are blooming under the hot, arid desert sun – it’s amazing!)

Wild flowers in Anza Borrego Desert.

(Part of the hiking path.)

A flowering Ocotillo in Palm Canyon at Anza Borrego Desert.

(A beautiful, blooming Octillo cactus.)

Spring wildflowers in Anza Borrego Desert.

Palm Canayon, Anza Borrego Desert, California.

(Water in the desert! What??!!)A group of palm trees in Anza Borrego Desert, California.(The really cool palm canyon. Looks like it should be on a scene in Lost.)

Palm Canyon, Anza Borrego Desert, Southern California.

A stream running through Palm Canyon in Anza Borrego Desert.

Palm Canyon in Southern California.

Spring wildflowers in Palm Canyon in Anza Borrego Desert.

Yellow wildflowers in Anza Borrego Desert.

Information sign of Palm Oasis in Anza Borrego Desert.

A Palm Oasis in Anza Borrego Desert with Randy Kalp in the middle.

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  • Leigh -

    June 20, 2010 at 9:18 pm

    I hiked Anza Borrego in March many years ago and it was hot then. I think June would kill me or you’d find me hiding out in the stream. Your photos are marvellous as always.

    Any snakes?