Deep in the Cape Cod Cold – A visit to a magical area during winter’s deep freeze..

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Spending the beginning of 2010 in Cape Cod, MA was a perfect, bone chilling way to begin the year. It snowed the entire time which created an absolutely beautiful blanket across the land. The whipping ice & wind shrouded the ocean waves, leaving them more lonesome and magical.

There is something special about the Cape, especially in the winter cold. Most people only visit in the summer and as a result a lot of the businesses and hotels are closed in the off season. Days in the water, nights spent playing card games and eating ice cream make visiting in the summer a fun adventure but if you want a real salt-of-the-earth, local perspective you need to visit in the winter.

Standing on the beach watching the gulls floating on 2 degree waves makes you wonder why ALL birds don’t go south for the summer. Watching people dart in and out of the snow bundled up like perfect Christmas packages makes you wonder why people don’t do the same.

Then it gets you.

The foggy, groggy, “Have I been here before?” feeling seeps in as you drive the lonely roads, aimlessly heading toward the great Atlantic. Taking a browse around Woods Hole in the winter is like truly stepping back in time. You can almost see old sea captains, deceased centuries ago, looking out past the harbor. The Cape is very old,  full of history and memories that your forgot you made lifetimes ago. You immediately feel yourself unwind as you suddenly want to visit an old, warm bookstore and wander around until, like a magnet, the perfect book sucks you in for the remainder of the afternoon.

As you step back outside and wander the streets with your hat pulled down low and your scarf piled high the freezing rain whips at you from every direction. With each step your body shudders until suddenly you realize that you aren’t as a cold as you should be.

That’s when it really hits you. Standing in zero degree weather so cold it makes your teeth hurt you realize the warmth you feel is coming from within. In it’s mid-winter freeze Cape Cod has surrounded you like a warm blanket fresh from the dryer. It’s history and folklore have brought you into another world where your heart is happy and has now your body is warm.

Being on the Cape during winter’s deep chill is truly magical and not to be missed.

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  • Bridgette -

    January 29, 2010 at 10:53 am

    This is a fantastic piece! It captures it all beautifully. Kudos Beth!