America shaved today – No More Bush!.

By Posted in - Personal on January 20th, 2009

We all stand a little taller. We all stand a little prouder.

Obama Mama

That’s because, after 8 long years, America finally grew up and shaved today.

At last there is some sort of tangible change to believe in. Like a porn star’s landing strip – Bush is out.

Obama is in the house.

It’s really exciting to be a part of the change and watch it happening all around. There are only a couple days in my life than I can recall a truly united feeling. Really remembering that I had countrymen and that we all had each other. I felt that way on 9/11 and on Nov. 4th 2008. Those particular days, albeit for far different reasons, there was such a strong feeling of countryship & national pride. On those days no one cared about much else – where you lived, went to school, what you made or did for work – nothing mattered. On 9/11 you could walk down the street, talk to a perfect stranger as if you had known them forever. You would’ve given them all the money in your pocket, whatever they needed and they would’ve done the same for you. It was a very sad, heavy day but the unity of the country was amazing.

Nov 4th, 2008 brought the same feeling of togetherness, except people were very happy. It was a fantastic day! People were crying in the streets but this time they were tears of joy. Everywhere you turned, people were smiling, greeting each other like they were old childhood friends who had lost touch in the last couple of years.

Today, Inauguration Day, was the culmination of Nov. 4th and it couldn’t have been better. The Obama family looked fantastic and I tried many times to imagine what it must be like in their shoes today. To sleep in the White House for the first night, to have a personal chef, to be the first black family – it must have been nothing short of overwhelming. With all the excitement I can’t help but wonder if Barack gets to sleep in tomorrow?

Probably not, but then again he is the President.

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