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By Posted in - Personal & Pre Trip on November 4th, 2008

7:14pm, Pacific Western Time, Nov. 4th 2008

Write that date down because it’s history in the making.

San Diego polling station 2008 election.

I will just come out and say it. If McCain manages to pull this off than this whole thing is a sham. I have felt for months that there is no way he is going to win this election and so far the polls are saying the same thing. Of course, there are still a couple key states left but right now Obama has 207 electoral votes and McCain has 135. The first to 270 wins.

I am a big Obama fan and I will be shocked if he doesn’t win. Not just because I like him but because everyone else does too. I can count the McCain fans I know on about 1 hand and I know a lot of people. It is the general concensus here that Barack will be our new president this January. Which in a word is AWESOME.

It’s not that I really dislike McCain, I don’t. He’s actually someone I wish I could know better -he seems like a really interesting individual. It’s just that Obama is everything that we need here in the U.S. He’s smart, exciting, well thought out, has great ideas & a lot of passion. He is basically the exact opposite of Bush. He envisions change and has the energy to do it (ie: possible end to the war & universal health care). I mean come on, even his logo is cool looking. The guy is simply rad.

Obama Logo


We’ve got a couple other big things on the ballot here in CA – making gay marriage illegal.  A ridiculous idea, I still can’t see why people get mad about who loves who. Do people honestly think that Jesus cares? Come on now. A lot of problems in the world exist because there is a LACK of love. Some people never even experience real love. Most people who have consider themselves very lucky. Why would anyone want to discourage love? I don’t and I’m pretty sure Jesus wouldn’t either. Last I heard he loves everyone, not just straight people. Another big one for me is higher living standards for farm animals. Yes, I am all about this because I love farm animals and miss my little Pepe everyday. Every living creature deserves to have a good life where they are not abused and there is ABSOLUTELY no reason for anything less. Again you could say this comes back to love or lack thereof.

A lot of things are riding on this historic day.  Although we have the seperation of church & state in the U.S. God is always in the center of things, especially on election day. With the issues of war, respect & love on the ballot I have to wonder – have we been guided by the light or blinded by it?

Go Obama.

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