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By Posted in - Adrian Sudbury & Personal on May 23rd, 2008

Dear World,

When I made beers and beans i wanted a way to reach out to other people. I have a strong desire to help others and the volunteering aspects of travel have always amazed me. I wanted this site to be about helping those less fortunate and about people thinking about how the things they do affect others. I wanted people to travel on ground level and try to see things from others perspectives. Everywhere around the world everyone wants the same basic things. It really doesn’t matter if you’re living in a yurt in Mongolia or a high rise in New York we all want to love and be loved, be respected and for our children to have bright futures. So many times people think they are so drastically different because of their skin color, cultural differences or where they are from. In the end we are all same.

I am asking you to read this blog and learn how similar we all are. Adrian is an amazing person with quite a warm & beautiful soul. Please read his blog and learn about his life and how it changed so quickly.

He is on a mission.

He wants people to donate bone marrow so that others like him might have a shot at becoming healthy again. As his blog states, he is at the beginning of the`end so be sure to stop by and say hello to him before it is too late. Watch the videos of bone marrow donation that he has on his site. You will quickly see that it’s not the horrible, bone breaking surgery that it used to be. Now with modern day science it’s just like giving blood, something you can do in your street clothes sitting in a chair. Personally, I didn’t know that and I was really excited to learn how easy the process has become, I would have never known if he hadn’t posted it on his site. He’s been very busy lately, meeting with the Prime Minister of the U.K. and getting his word out. I want to try to help him which is why I’m posting it here and also why I joined the bone marrow registry yesterday. In the end we are all the same. Please consider donating bone marrow and saving the lives of others.

Thank you, Beth

p.s. Feel free to post this on your site or anywhere else where you think it might make a difference.

If you feel donation is not for you or you cannot donate marrow there are other ways to become involved. Team in Traning (TNT) is a group that raises money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. It is really, really awesome. They will train you for a marathon, 1/2 marathon, bike race or triathalon. Plus you visit great locations all over the world for your race – Dublin, Hawaii, etc. I ran a marathon in Honolulu with TNT 2 years ago and it was by far the BEST thing I have ever done. I made great friends and raising the money was not as hard as I thought it would be, def. not as hard as running 26.2 miles. Please consider joining, all ages and exercise levels are accepted. I’m only 5′ and can’t run to save my life but somehow it was easier when I knew I was running for other people. Time wise, everyone in the 70 yr old age range beat me to the finish so believe me, you can do this no matter how old you are or what shape you are in.

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